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South Sudan Rock City DPOC Office Complex Completion Ceremony

South Sudan Rock City DPOC Office Complex Completion Ceremony

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The Completion Ceremony of the Rock City DPOC  Office Complex was held successfully main-contracted by Shandong Dejian Group (South Sudan) Company Limited, marking the commissioning of another landmark building in Juba  on the afternoon of September  27, local time. Mr. Song Fuguang, CountryManager of South Sudan Engineering Company with our main management personnel attended the completion ceremony  and  delivered a speech.

The owner of the project is the South Sudan Dar Petroleum Operating Company(DPOC)jointly established by China National Petroleum Corporation, Malaysia Petronasand South Sudan National Petroleum Corporation . Our company is responsible for the office complex construction. The project started on February 23, 2019,  and was successfully completed on September 27, 2020. After 582 days and nights , the project team worked overtime  through all employee’s day and night. From cost budget , construction period requirements, subcontracting docking, after careful research on materials management and many other aspects , the construction task was finally completed with quality and quantity , which was well received by the owners and construction units . Especially since the beginning of March this yea r, the new COVID-19Epidemic has continued to spread. Under this situation, the company has adopted closed construction site work , strictly prevented and controlled the epidemic externally , and strictly required internal requirements to ensure the quality and progress of the project.

With the successful completion of the project as a landmark, we will make persistent efforts in the future, continue to provide excellent customer service with full enthusiasm and high-positive attitude, and make new contributions to the development and growth of the country as well as the company.



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