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Dejian International Hold the First Reading Sharing Session With the First Cup of Milk Tea in Autumn

Dejian International Hold the First Reading Sharing Session With the First Cup of Milk Tea in Autumn

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The famous Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges said:

God gave me a vast sea of books,

And a pair of invisible eyes,

Even so,

I still imagine,

Heaven should be like a library.


Dejian International held the first reading sharing session of "Bath in the fragrance of books and meet friends with books" in order to enable employees to absorb nutrition from excellent books, broaden horizons, improve independent learning ability, and build a learning-oriented corporate culture on the afternoon of September 25.

The tea leisure room crowned with books and leisurely atmosphere, "with the first cup of milk tea in autumn", which is the scene of the First Reading Sharing Sessionof Dejian International. Young company, young employees, "working hard, thinking, and fashionable" are our characteristics.

The piano music is graceful and the reading will be enthusiastic, from Cai Chongda's Human Skin, Emma Klein's Girls, to Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Lu Yao's Ordinary World. From Marx, Tsangyang Gyatso to Ginsberg, in this gluttonous feast of fusion of Chinese and Western cultures and stories, you might pick up the thoughts of giants with wave of hands.

There will be laughter and collision in reading; thinking but more intense debate. The square-inch book contains a vast world, and the sound of books tells the ancient and modern times.

Reading other people's books is reading ourselves. Thousands of abundant lives and countless stories in the book give us plenty of nutrients and strength, allowing us to understand ourselves, see the future more clearly, and complete our nirvana. Making friends while reading, and making progress while sharing. The original intention remains unchanged, and the footsteps will not stop. In the future, the lighting of the reading club will still be high and bright.



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