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Delightful ChongyangFestival &Warm GoldenAutumn Family Banquet Held by Dejian International

Delightful ChongyangFestival &Warm GoldenAutumn Family Banquet Held by Dejian International

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In order to carry forward the traditional virtue of respecting the elderly of the Chinese nation, and further advocate the new fashion of respecting, loving and helping the elderly, Dejian International held a family banquet in the theme of “Delightful Chongyang &Warm GoldenAutumn” for the parents of company staff in Fengguan Holiday Inn Hotel at noon on October 25th.The major leaders and department managers participated in the banquet.

At the beginning of the event, Chen Ruichun, financial director of Dejian International, delivered a speech on behalf of the company. He fully appreciated the highly professional commitment demonstrated by the staff of Dejian International during the brave fight against the epidemic. Director Chenalso sincerely expressed his deep respect for the parents of the staff who never turned back but silently supported the cause of their children.

Subsequently, through pre-recorded videos, staff at home and abroad extended their greetings and best wishes to the always supportiveparents of the company.

The participants all sat around the table, enjoyed the delicious food and wine, and celebrated the Festival together.

The leaders of the company took photos with the elders and present them with carefully chosen giftswishing peacefulness and happiness.

It has become an important carrier of Dejian International’s corporate culture to spend Chongyang Festivaltogether with staff’s parents. This activity not only deepens the mutual trust between the parents and the company, but also promotes the emotional exchange. The Chongyang Festival banquet continuously transmits Dejian’sphilosophy of “family culture”, creating a new pattern of mutual trust, assistance and collective efforts among staff, parents and the company. Dejian International’s open and innovative corporate culture with humanistic care at its core is therefore highlighted.



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