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Dejian Teamwork Contributing to Completion of Pyramid Continental Hotel International Conference Center Against COVID-19

Dejian Teamwork Contributing to Completion of Pyramid Continental Hotel International Conference Center Against COVID-19

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The second phase of Pyramid Continental Hotel,also known as International Conference Center, undertaken by Shandong Dejian International South Sudan Engineering Company, was successfully completed on 25th of Nov., 2020 as the new landmark by the Great Nile riverfrontwith a panoramic view of the whole city of Juba.

The mentioned Project includes a total of 13 floors with height of 58.4m and construction area of 9200 square meters. The International Conference Center is invested and developed by ANSEBA COMPANY LIMITED which is a five-star hotel integrating accommodation, catering and conference. The project officially started on November 15, 2019, with a total of 376 days. The localization construction work management method of South Sudan Engineering Company has achieved remarkable results by this Project whose main construction task is completed by 2 Chinese technician and over 70 local workers, which not only effectively controls the labor cost of the Project, but also trains local skilled workers in project construction and solves the employment problem of some local people.

Every day and night of the project the site team there appeared full of challenges, each and every step covered with sweat, especially when COVID-19 swept the world in 2020 and spread rapidly after the discovery of the first imported case of infection in South Sudan on April 9. According to the situation, under the care and guidance of the mother company, South Sudan Engineering Company formulates epidemic prevention measures following local conditions and characteristics. While taking into account the production, the second phase of the Project Department strictly carried out in accordance with epidemic prevention measures, adopted a fully closed management model, requiring all staff to be equipped with masks, daily body temperature monitoring, whole-body disinfection and sterilization, so as to achieve zero infection in the construction process. On this basis, the project department continuously optimizes and adjusts the construction plan, which not only ensures the project quality, but also completes the construction task ahead of schedule, which has been well received by the owner and supervisor.

The successful completion of the second phase of Pyramid Continental Hotel Project is not only a comfort but also an incentive for the construction personnel shrouded in the Epidemic situation. Sticking to our posts and overcoming difficulties is a true portrayal of Dejian's opening up overseas markets. we believe that we will be more calm, confident and determinedafter the epidemicand will welcome our future work and life with a fuller posture. Continue to contribute to the development and growth of Dejian's overseas market.


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