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Winner List of the Photography Contest “Shooting Beauty” Held by Dejian International Announced

Winner List of the Photography Contest “Shooting Beauty” Held by Dejian International Announced

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In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, show their elegant demeanor, and further promote the construction of corporate culture, Dejian International issued a notice at the beginning of August to hold thephotography contestin the theme of “Shooting Beauty” to demonstrateoverseas beauty. Managers at home and abroad participated in the contestactively and recorded the beautiful moments with their photos. A total of 139 photos (suites) were received.

In line with the principle of fair, just and open evaluation, the company specially invited Mr. Zhang Quanyong, member of Shandong Photographers Association, Deputy Secretary General of Dezhou Art Photography Association and member of Dezhou Photographers Association, to appraise the works on site. After deliberate appraisal, a total of 13 winning works were selected, including onefor grand prize, twofor first prize, fourfor second prize and six for third prize.


Grand Prize Work: "Hand in Hand to Fight the Epidemic"

Photographer: Zhang Song

Location: Algeria

First prize work: "Mother and Child"

Photographer: Dong Rui

Location: Angola

First prize work: "Dance"

Photographer: Cui Zhigang

Location: Zambia

Second prize work: "The Child Who Saved Himself"

Photographer: Ma Jinmin

Location: Sudan

Second Prize Work: "Under the Blue Sky Together"

Photographer: Huang Juyuan

Location: South Sudan

Second prize work: "Ordinary Road"

Photographer: Fu Jinlong

Location: Zimbabwe

Second prize work: "Fireworks on Earth"

Photographer: Wang Qian

Location: Denmark

Third prize work: "Tea Mountain"

Photographer: Wang Gang

Location: Tanzania

Third prize: "Afterglow"

Photographer: Zhang Zhipeng

Location: Thailand

Third Prize Work: "The Swamp Land"

Photographer: Qin Mei

Location: Zambia

Third Prize Work: "Children's Heart"

Photographer: Liu Zhiqiang

Location: South Sudan

Third Prize Work: "The Gate of the Palace"

Photographer: Yang Chen

Location: Cambodia

Third Prize Work: "Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves"

Photographer: Dong Jinzhuo

Location: Cambodia


This photography contest provides a platform for Dejian staff to show themselves and let everyone feel the charm of photography. We hope that our staff will take this activity as an opportunity to work hard while keeping an eye on and recording the beauty around. In this way, workers can constantly improve their soft power and cultural attainment at work.



Wang Qian  Dejian International