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Tanzania BranchContribution to Fulfill Social Responsibility and Improve Public Welfare

Tanzania BranchContribution to Fulfill Social Responsibility and Improve Public Welfare

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Ludewa City, Njombe Province, where the 50KM Highway Project in Tanzania is located, is in the rainy seasoncurrently. Project teamspent their spare time to actively fulfill their social responsibilities and improvethe community public welfare.

There are many primary schools along the project whose buildings are obsolete. In order to improve the learning environment, the local government needs to build several new classrooms. In particular, Lusitu Primary School and Figanga Primary School are in urgent need of reconstruction and expansion. The principals of these two schools have also approached the project officewiththe seek of donation. In addition, there are three cart-away dump sites along the route, where the local government hopes that the project department can provide help in transforming for local villagers and students for leisure and entertainment.

Recently,the management staff did their best to provide help and assistance to the two mentioned schools, and then arranged large-scale machinery to level all the three dump sites. The move was praised by Ludewa Mayor, Lusitu Mayor, principals of two primary schools and local villagers, as well as by supervision and Tanzania National Roads Agency.

In the future work, Shandong Dejian Group will be more actively involved in social welfare activitiescertainly, with step and step achievement to let the flag of Shandong Dejian fly high in Tanzania.


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