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Dejian International Held AReport Sharing Meeting for Recruits in Recent Two Years

Dejian International Held AReport Sharing Meeting for Recruits in Recent Two Years

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In order to deeply understand the learning and growth of new staff in the past two years, and to provide the basis for the evaluation of "Young Talent Plan" in 2021, Dejian International held the 2019 and 2020 new recruits' work report sharing meeting on December 22. Mr. Li Ruiguo, the general manager, attended the meeting with members of the company's Compensation and Performance Committee and relevant direct supervisors. The staff abroad attended the meeting through video online.

At the meeting, 15 new recruits took their daily work as the starting point, focused on sharing their work and learning achievements, summarized experience, difficulties and shortcomings encountered, and made prospects and plans for the future career.

Through the questions and interaction of the assessors to the recruits in the past two years, it shows their growth and the company's expectations. The members of the Compensation andPerformance Committee and the direct supervisors also scored the comprehensive quality of each recruits. The scoring results will be applied to the personnel grading and personnel warehousing work in 2021.

Finally, Mr. Li Ruiguo, the general manager, said that the performance of the staff participating in the work report and sharing is worthy of recognition. It can be seen that the recruits have grown rapidly in the past two years and have a strong sense of self-improvement. The company has a deeper understanding of everyone through the work report activities. I hope that you will continue to make persistent efforts, live up to your time, continue to break through and make progress, and you will eventually get success.



By Yang Chen

Dejian International