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Opening Ceremony of Martyrs Memorial Hall inAngola

Opening Ceremony of Martyrs Memorial Hall inAngola

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On 20th of December by Angolanlocal time, the OpeningCeremony of the Bie Provincial Martyrs Memorial Hall was held successfully where the Governor of Bie Province, PereiraAlfredo, Vice Governor JoseTchatuvela and key personnel of various government departments attended, accompanied by Mr. Cheng Bo, General Manager of Shandong Dejian Group Angola Engineering Company, and relevant management personnel.

Governor PereiraAlfredo arrived at the exhibition board at the site to view the blueprint of the Project, listened to the report of our on-site personnel in detail, and had an in-depth understanding of the specific layout of the Project. 

Subsequently, in the solemn atmosphere of the auditorium, the governor introduced in detail the significance of the Project and the concerns and expectations of the government and military, and stressed that the President of Angola attached great importance to the Project. It is the end of the Angolan people from the flames of war into an era of peace, but also for the Angolan people not to forget the original ideals and aspirations, and remember history.

Mr. Cheng Bo said that Shandong Dejian Group fully understand the feelings of the Angolan people and government, and believes that with our efforts and the concern and support of the Angolan government, the Project will be implemented smoothly and successfully to realize the expectations of the Angolan people.

Amid warm applause, the two sides signed theConstruction Order, marking the full start of the

   Bie Provincial Martyrs Memorial Project.


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