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Angola BranchHeld the Commencement Ceremony for TwoRoad Projects with 90KM Length

Angola BranchHeld the Commencement Ceremony for TwoRoad Projects with 90KM Length

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On the morning of January 8, the commencement ceremony of the 40 km Kamakuba-Kwanza road and 50 km Luanninga-Umbulu road projects awardedtoDejian International Angola branch company was held. Pereira Alfredo, Governor of Biye Province, Jose tchatuvela, Vice Governor of Biye Province, Edgar Hilario, Director of infrastructure department and Jose lopinho, Mayor of Kamakuba city attended the ceremony. The project supervisor contractor’s main management personnel of Angola branch attended the ceremony.

After listening to our detailed report on the mobilization of personnel and equipment at the current stage of the project, the governor of Bier fully affirmed contractor’s professional ability and dedication, and said that Dejian International Angola branch will be able to complete the project with high quality. He also looked forward to the further participation of Dejian in the infrastructure project of Bier.

Kamakuba-Kuanzha 40km road project, which was awarded in July 2020, is the main trunk line connecting Kamakuba city to Kunba city in Biye Province, as well as the subsidiary trunk line of Benguela railway.

Luanninga-Embulu 50km road project and Kamakuba-Kuanzha 40km were awarded to Dejian International at the same time, which is the basis of economic exchanges between Kamakuba and other regions, and also provides convenient transportation for the people of Kamakuba. Kamakuba is rich in rice, corn and other crops. The implementation of the project will greatly improve the local traffic and make greater contribution to the economic development of Kamakuba.



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