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Overcome Difficulties and Forge Ahead ---- ShandongDejian International AnnualWork ReportConference for Directors andManagers in 2020.

Overcome Difficulties and Forge Ahead ---- ShandongDejian International AnnualWork ReportConference for Directors andManagers in 2020.

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On 20th of January, Shandong Dejian International held AnnualWork ReportConferencefor middle-level and above managers in 2020 to comprehensively summarize the work experience and shortcomings of various departments in 2020, as well as the work schedule and blueprint of 2021. Members of the company's management team, department managers, project managers and business key personal attend the meeting on the spot, while the heads and deputy managers of overseas branch attend the meeting by online video system.

During the meeting, department managers, team members and heads of overseas branch reported their duties in turn, reporting on the completion of the work of the department in 2020 and the work plan for 2021. This conference focus on analyzing the shortcomings in the work, put forward the corresponding solutions, and lay a solid foundation for the development of the work in 2021.

Finally, General Manager Li Ruiguo made a concluding speech, in which first of all, he highly affirmed the work report conference, which was not only a work report but also an opportunity for all departments to learn and communicate with one another so as to produce a collision of thinking, find the bright spots in management, sort out their ideas, and force them to grow up, pointing out the direction for the work in 2021 and achieving the desired results. At the same time, he expressedhis gratitude to all the employees of the company for finding opportunities in danger and overcoming the difficulties together in 2020. The first requirement in 2021 is to strengthen the management work, go against the trend and seek new breakthroughs. It is necessary to mobilize the enthusiasm of the heads of overseas institutions and market operators, seek better agency relations, carry out work flexibly, and vigorously promote the landing of existing projects; second, speed up the process of localized development. 2021 is the year of localization of the company, all overseas institutions must spare no effort to develop localization, implement the system, effectively reduce costs, and increase the competitiveness of the company; third, do a good job in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control to ensure zero infection among overseas employees; strengthen the exchange of ideas with employees to ensure the stability of the team.

The year of 2020 is extremely extraordinary for Dejian International, the business operation struggle is extremely arduous, and the results are even better than expected. Standing in the first year of the 14th five-year Plan of our country, all management team members should have the courage to take responsibility, work with one heart and one mind, work hard, and make every effort to promote the company's strategic arrangements to be implemented and achieve good results.