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Time fly, youth still -- meet the most beautiful self

Time fly, youth still -- meet the most beautiful self

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     The wind warm flowers as spring in March. In order to celebrate the 111th International Women's day on March 8, let female staff enjoy their flowery moments and encounter most beautiful themself from busy work, Shandong Dejian International organized a festival celebration.

     Time fly while youth still. A picnic mat, and a stack of old photos, we sit on the ground, chat gossipy, hear and share most beautiful stories.


               Yang Chen: This is a big airplane that we used to enjoy playing with my brothers when I was in childhood.


               Liu Lili: three photos are the first half of my life from being single to married and then becoming mothers.


               Sun Hui: Myself was thrown into university from home in the name of freedom since graduated from high school. I enjoy visit to my parents often.


               Du Juan: we contribute our best youth with continuous efforts in Dejian International, which have been recognized by the company.


               Zhang Yun: My husband’s father recognized the happiness of the family through this photo.


               Song Chunlei: I'm scheduled to have a look at some impressive places.


               Wang Shanshan: still think of my good friends in Sudan occasionally.


               Li Yachun: all of us will always be the best friends with each other.


               Fang Yu: travel all over the world living up to your youth.


               Wang Qian: Don't mention that my hairline is too high!

               Meng Xiaojun: This is my favorite rabbit ear hat in the photo when I was little.


      Time flying like a song of flower, it is particularly more beautiful and emotional because of a lady is support half of the world. The ladies colour the world with the most beautiful color no matter what are they. Memories of the past are always all kinds of beautiful, we also have something to say to ourselves in three years.


     As writer, I want to know what you ladies wrote on the message paper, which All of us will not open until in three years.


What a picnic! The company prepared delicious cake and good red wine.

     In order to express the blessing of the festival again, the company prepared beautiful gifts for female staff including lipstick, perfume, and more temperament woman and fragrant princess are coming.

     At the same time, the young ladies and sisters who are far away from China have also received the blessing of the festival from Romania, Zambia, Tanzania, Algeria and other overseas institutions entrusted by the company, and. Let's have a look!


Romania: all the female staff enjoy dinner together. There are flowers in front of their desks and unexpected Festival surprises!


Zambia: Qin Mei has eaten a delicious hot pot with accompany of many male staff, and also has big cake!


Tanzania: Gao Shaohui's little sister received a bouquet of flowers from the company's camp, a cake specially made by the chef, and a big red envelope specially for the goddess!


Algeria: Wang Mei also received a bouquet full of blessings and a big red envelope!



A flower in full bloom, need four seasons circulation.

A woman's happiness needs love everywhere.

In the new journey of 2021,

May all our female staff:

Starting toward happiness, life is full of vigor,


Grow up to the sunshine and feel the spring breeze!