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Dejian International Carries Out Legal Training On“Contract Chain Risk Management of International Project”

Dejian International Carries Out Legal Training On“Contract Chain Risk Management of International Project”

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  In order to strengthen the operation and contract risk management of company's international project, and popularize basic legal knowledge, Dejian International organized a special legal training on March 16, 2021. More than 40 people from relevant departments, project departments, as well as overseas returning staffs on leave, legal department of the Group and related personnel from overseas branches attended the training.

  The theme of this training is "Contract Chain Risk Management of International Project", which involves the risk management of overseas operation, the risk management mechanism of contract chain of overseas project, and the risk management&control at all stages of overseas project. Senior partner of ZHONGLUN W&D LAW FIRM, Lawyer Zhu Zhonghua was specially invited to give an on-the-spot lecture. Lawyer Zhu, a professional lawyer in the field of international engineering and FIDIC contract, member of Chartered Institute of Building(CIOB), senior research fellow of Phoenix International Think-tank, member of China Association of International Engineering Consultants(CAIEC), Executive member of China behavior-law association, specially-invited expert of Central South Architectural Design Institute(CSADI), who has extensive experience in the management of international engineering contracts and legal services.

  During the training, Lawyer Zhu explained the problems encountered in the execution of overseas project contracts in combination with the real cases of international projects. He particularly stressed that in the international project contract risk management, we shall insist on the principle of "Prevention in advance, Control in the event, Remedy afterwards, take prevention and control as the main and remediation as the auxiliary, control risk throughout the project " to carry out the contract risk management mechanism in international projects, including the tracking, bidding&signing, performing, final acceptance&account, quality guarantee.etc throughout the whole process of overseas project and risk management of international engineering contract dispute. After the training, lawyer zhu also answered questions on the spot.

  This training focus on avoiding and settling contract chain risks of overseas engineering contract. We have a clearer understanding on how to prevent the contract legal risks during the operation. Combing with our works, enhanced the risk prevention awareness and learned more about the contract risk management, claim, ideas and skills to avoid and resolve disputes, which has made a good theoretical preparation for the company to improve the risk management awareness, vigorously develop and deeply operate overseas markets and better perform the international project contract after the pandemic.