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Concentrate Minds and Make Breakthroughs—Dejian International Studies Essence of 2021 Shareholders and Employees Congress Held by Dejian Group

Concentrate Minds and Make Breakthroughs—Dejian International Studies Essence of 2021 Shareholders and Employees Congress Held by Dejian Group

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In order to further study the essence of 2021 Shareholders and Employees Congress held by Dejian Group and better understand the spirit of Chairman Jin Haiyang’s speech and implement the requirements of the Congress, Dejian International invited Mr. Wang Xinyong, secretary of the board of directors of Dejian Group, to interpret the spirit of the Congress in the afternoon of March 17 in conference room 2311 of the Dejian Holding Building. Managers of departments and major leaders of higher level in the head quarter as well as managers of branches overseas attended the meeting presided over by General Manager Li Ruiguo.

At the meeting, comrade Wang Xinyong mainly expounded the mixed ownership reform and the key working arrangement mentioned by the Congress. Wang Xinyong stressed that the mixed ownership reform has brought real advantages, and we should make full use of the reformed platform. Under the core spirit of the work report, Mr. Wang made an analysis of the working directions and objectives of the international section in 2021 from the aspects of integrated development, market expansion, cost control and solid foundation.

Comrade Li Ruiguo summed up that the current complex international market environment is both an opportunity and a challenge to the development of the company. In order to turn the crisis into an opportunity and turn the challenge into a driving force in the future work, the following requirements are put forward for each department, branch company and project department:

First, make use of the state-owned company platform and strengthen cooperation. More self-pressure is needed for Dejian International to achieve major breakthrough in marketing.

Second, improve project management, strengthen risk prevention and control, continue to strengthen the special governance and five iron regulations implemented in 2020. Besides, the basic management level of project safety and quality need to be constantly improved.

Third is cost control. We should change the traditional thinking mode, focus on promoting localization management and reduce Chinese workers instead. With the trend of localization in 2021, we should enhance competitiveness, seek benefits from management, and become a real local enterprise.

Fourth, improve the educational level of management personnel, implement the talent training plan, take advantage of the opportunity to attract more excellent personnel, and reserve talents for the subsequent development of the company.

Fifth, adhere to the guidance of Party building. We should make full use of various platforms for learning and training and improve personal qualities. Staff of overseas institutions especially, should strive to learn foreign languages and better integrate into the local work and life.

Sixth, company staff should actively participate in the selection activities held on International Labor Day, and Youth Day etc. The company will select and publicize outstanding employees.

Seventh, we should actively fulfill our social responsibilities, build up the Dejian brand and brand image which is also to promote the image of Chinese enterprises overseas.

Eighth, make good use of the European investment platform of Dechuang to develop the real estate industry, and at the same time, seek opportunities in construction business.

Last but not least, continuously improve the service quality of domestic departments and provide strong support for the development of overseas undertakings.

The meeting was held in the form of video, with managers in headquarters attending on site and managers of overseas institutions attending the meeting online.