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Xin Xiuming, Vice Chairman of China International Contractors Association, and His Delegation Visited Shandong Dejian Group for Investigation

Xin Xiuming, Vice Chairman of China International Contractors Association, and His Delegation Visited Shandong Dejian Group for Investigation

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   On March 29th, Xin Xiuming, vice president of China International Contractors Association, and his delegation visited Dejian Group for investigation. Ma Zhixin, Vice Chairman of Dejian Holdings and Chairman of Dejian Group, Li Ruiguo, Vice General Manager of Dejian Holdings and General Manager of Dejian International, and relevant business leaders of Dejian International attended the discussion.

   Ma Zhixin extended a warm welcome to the leaders of China International Contractors Association and expressed his gratitude to the Association for their strong support and help to Dejian for a long time. We introduced our business model, achievements, fulfillment of social responsibilities, future development direction and difficulties encountered in development in the overseas market, especially the impact in the external market environment to our company during the pandemic by visiting group party room, watching the promotional video and introducing the overseas business development of Dejian International.

   Xin Xiuming has fully affirmed Dejian’s achievements in overseas market development in recent years, and introduced the work of the Association in maintaining industry order, coordinating enterprises’“Going Out”, enterprise credit rating and recommendation, etc. He also made a comprehensive analysis of international market and industry situation at the same time. He also said that as a representative of the interests of the Association, they adhere to providing various professional services to its member enterprises, reflecting the demands of enterprises, and actively promoting the high-quality development of overseas business of Chinese enterprises.

Both sides also had in-depth discussions on the direction of overseas market expansion, market operation mode, risk management and control, new energy project construction and reserve of talents.

   Finally, Ma Zhixin said that Dejian Group will actively follow our “the Belt and Road Initiative”national policy under the correct leadership of the China International Contractors Association, make full use of the platform of the Association, and combine with our own international business model, seize the opportunity in cooperation with state-owned enterprises, continue to work hard, make a bigger breakthrough in the overseas market development and ensure good overseas business development.

   After the discussion, Xin Xiuming and his delegation visited the PC prefabricated industrial base of the Dejian Group.