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Dejian International held the commendation meeting of "Loyalty to enterprise and love post" and the Party branch secretary's lecture activity

Dejian International held the commendation meeting of "Loyalty to enterprise and love post" and the Party branch secretary's lecture activity

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On the occasion of the centennial of the founding of the Communist Party of China, in order to commend the advanced, set up a model, give full play to the vanguard leading role, further encourage the noble sentiment of employees to strive for dedication based on their posts, vigorously promote the spirit of loyalty and dedication, create a good atmosphere of "Loyalty, Love, Dedication and Contribution" within the scope of the company, and realize the sustained, healthy and steady development of the company's overseas business. On the afternoon of July 9, Dejian international held the commendation meeting of "Loyalty to enterprise and Love the post" and the Party branch secretary's lecture activity in conference room 2411 of the Dejian holding building. Team members, department deputy or above and part of business backbones, domestic party members, party activists and commended representatives attended the meeting on site. Project managers outside Decheng District, heads of overseas institutions, Party members and commended personnel attended the meeting online via video conference. The activity was presided over by Comrade Huang Meng, deputy general manager.

First of all, Comrade Wang Haijun, deputy general manager, read out the "Decision on the commendation of" Loyalty to the enterprise and love the post ", and the members of the management team presented honorary certificates and prizes to the commended representatives.

Comrade Li Ruiguo, general manager, delivered a concluding speech. He first congratulated the commended employees. In the speech, he mentioned that the launching of the "Loyalty to the enterprise and love the post" selection activity is taking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party as an opportunity, in accordance with the requirements of the work report of the general meeting of shareholders at the beginning of the year of the group company, in order to strengthen the construction of professional ethics and build a team of loyal, diligent and dedicated talents. At the same time, President Li also put forward the following requirements and commitments to the participants:

1. Give full play to the guiding role of the commendation meeting. By publicizing the commendation of "Loyalty to enterprise and love the post" and advanced collectives and individuals by the end of 2020, we guide and encourage all employees to follow the example, be steadfast, enhance the sense of responsibility, find their own goals in actual work, perform their duties better and make better achievements.

2. Adjust the commendation method, and establish a complete evaluation system between commendation and assessment. Let the promotion of management personnel and salary adjustment be linked with commendation. This system should give opportunities to those who are willing to work, have a stage for those who can work, have a position for those who make achievements, and be blamed for those who don't work. It should encourage employees to self-motivate, self-pressurize and promote the construction of the staff team.

3. Let employees share the company's development bonus, take pride in working in Dejian, and constantly meet everyone's yearning for a better life. Improve the salary level of employees at home and abroad, so that everyone can feel the superiority of working in Dejian international.

After the commendation meeting, Li Ruiguo, Party branch secretary, lectured the party lesson "the ideological basis and significance of ‘One Belt and One Road’ and its influence on the international business of Dejian".  

It is hoped that the commended comrades will cherish their honor, guard against arrogance and rashness, make persistent efforts, continue to carry forward the exemplary role of being loyal to enterprise and loving post, and make new contributions. We hope that all employees of the company will take the commended comrades as an example, be loyal to the enterprise, love their posts and devote themselves, work hard, and contribute to the company's overseas business.

"The employees Loyal to enterprises"

Fu Long, male, born in March 1988, joined Dejian international in May 2012 and is now the deputy manager of the marketing department. After nine years of employment and seven years of overseas work, Fu Long has a solid style, a strong sense of enterprise and a high sense of responsibility. Although he is in South Sudan, he has been steadfast and actively soliciting a series of engineering projects to promote the company's foothold and development in South Sudan. After returning to China, he followed the company's arrangement, worked in the Beijing office, and was seconded to China International Contractors Association. He is loyal to his duties and has strong executive power, which has been highly praised by management and colleagues.

Huang Juyuan, male, born in November 1987, joined Dejian international in July 2012 and is now the deputy manager of South Sudan engineering company. In Sudan, he actively innovated technology to satisfy the owners and save costs for the company at the same time; In South Sudan, he worked hard to cooperate with the general manager to promote the localization construction. Comrade Huang Juyuan strictly abides by the company's system, loves his job, works hard, attaches great importance to the overall situation, unites colleagues, and plays a leading role in demonstration.

Li Jinhu, male, born in July 1990, joined Dejian international in August 2012, and now works as a business management post in the business management department. After nine years of employment, he has worked overseas for seven and a half years. Comrade Li Jinhu works steadfastly, diligently and actively. He has worked in Sudan for many years. He has been engaged in field work, technical work and budget and settlement work successively. He is dedicated, positive, conscientious and united with colleagues. He loved learning and successfully passed the examinations of first-class constructor, first-class cost engineer and first-class fire Engineer in his spare time. He played a good leading role in his work and study.

Tang Kaikai, male, born in October 1987, has worked overseas for nearly six years. Now he is the project manager of Tanzania engineering company. Tanzania 50km highway project is the first formal highway project of the company. Based on his own position, Comrade Tang Kaikai has effectively controlled the operation cost, quality and progress of the project, especially played a key role in cost control. His attitude is serious, positive, optimistic, dedicated, obedient to the overall arrangement, well qualified for his job.

Zhang Weihua, male, born in December 1979, joined Dejian international in June 2010. Now he is going to work in Dominic project department. Comrade Zhang Weihua has been in office for 11 years. He has worked overseas for seven and a half years, from Angola to Sudan, from Sudan to South Sudan, from South Sudan to Tanzania, and from Tanzania to Dominica. He said that "no matter which country or position the company arranges me to go to, I will obey the company's arrangement unconditionally". In his work, he strictly abides by the company's rules and regulations, is honest and self-disciplined, has a solid style, treats others with sincerity, unites colleagues, and has a good team cooperation spirit.

Zhou Ming, male, born in October 1990, joined Dejian international in July 2013 and now works as a technician in the Qianxiaotun project department. In Algeria, he assisted the general manager to develop localization and recruited local labor for the project through various channels. In Qianxiaotun, he obeyed the management’s arrangement, As a technician, continue to play a good loyalty, hard work spirit.

"Staff who Love post "

Cao Xuqiang, male, born in December 1989, joined Dejian international in February 2019 and now works as a marketing manager in Guyana office. Comrade Cao Xuqiang is determined to forge ahead and actively expand the network resources. Guyana is a new market. Starting from 0, the challenge is huge. He is proactive, self-motivated, and takes the initiative to meet customers in various ways, to promote the company's business, to tap customer needs, to accurately convey information, to unconditionally implement the company's decisions, to faithfully fulfill them, and to stand on the company's position and strive for truth, to be a conscientious and responsible warrior.

Du Qingchen, male, born in April 1980, joined Dejian international in August 2014, and now works as a materialman in Angola engineering company. As a materialman, Comrade Du Qingchen conscientiously performs his post responsibilities, implements the rules and regulations of material management, works conscientiously, works diligently, actively, has outstanding professional ability, is loyal to the enterprise, loves his job, and completes every small thing efficiently in the ordinary work post.

Guo Xiubin, male, born in November 1994, joined Dejian international in July 2017 and now works as a construction worker in Tanzania engineering company. Comrade Guo Xiubin has worked in Tanzania highway project for more than three years. He has successively served as a survey technician and a structural and concrete surface construction worker. He is not afraid of hardships and dares to endure hardships. He has overcome one technical problem after another, and his work has been unanimously recognized by the supervisor and Party A.

Ji Meimei, female, born in June 1987, joined Dejian international in July 2014 and now works as a budgeter in the Qianxiaotun project department. From the beginning of the documenter to the present budgeter, Comrade Ji Meimei, in the spirit of hard work, serious and responsible attitude, takes the initiative and grows rapidly. During the construction, she constantly improves her professional level and is recognized by the management.

Li Xuesheng, male, born in February 1991, joined Dejian international in July 2015 and now works as a budgeter in Zambia engineering company. Comrade Li Xuesheng changed from on-site person in charge to budgeter. He was able to adapt to the change of post in a short time, shoulder the work of this post on the site, bear hardships, learn professional knowledge from other colleagues with an open mind, and complete the budget work better.

Qin Enlei, male, born in February 1989, joined Dejian international in March 2014 and now works as a financial manager in Romania branch. Comrade Qin Enlei has rich working experience, is down-to-earth and conscientious, has a strong sense of responsibility, and works hard. He obeys the company's arrangement. He is responsible for finance and logistics in South Sudan. After returning home, he is responsible for statement consolidation and tax risk prevention and control, and follows up the mixed reform work. He said, "I have to contribute my strength wherever I need to go.".

Song Chunlei, female, born in June 1981, joined Dejian international in March 2015. Now she is in charge of the general management department of Shandong Baibang import and Export Co., Ltd. Since entering the post, Comrade Song Chunlei has been strict with herself, studying hard and thinking deeply. No matter what position she is in, she is consistent, diligent and hard-working. She does her best to do her job well and drive her colleagues to improve their work enthusiasm.

Teng Jian, male, born in May 1994, joined Dejian international in July 2017 and now works as a technician in Algeria engineering company. Three months later, Teng Jian came to Algeria following the company’s arrangement, successively engaged in contract posts and technical posts, and improved his professional skills. At the same time, he worked hard to learn French and adapt to the local language environment. From the beginning when he was led by someone, to later when he independently led the local people to complete various construction tasks, his working ability was improved and recognized.

Wang long, male, born in November 1989, joined Dejian international in July 2014, and now works as installation engineer and budgeter in Shanghe Zhonghe Jinlinfu project department. While working abroad, Wang Long was responsible for site management, construction organization design and preparation of various construction schemes; During working in China, He assisted in bidding and project settlement at home and abroad, and had a further understanding of installation construction, subcontracting and cost management, which are also well used in the current work.

Xu Mengmeng, male, born in April 1987, joined Dejian international in August 2017, and now works as a materialman in the project Department of Shanghe Zhonghe Jinlinfu. Since taking up the post, Mr. Xu Mengmeng has been working hard in basic skills, improving on-site material management and controlling material saving. He has successively served as a materialman in 1282 sets of aluminum molds in Algeria, Linzhuang resettlement community and other projects in Algeria. While doing a good job in logistics support of each project, he has actively prepared material management disclosure for each subcontracting operation team, improved the material management level, and won everyone's praise.