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Congratulations on the Successful Handover of Kunje Market Project in Bié Province, Angola

Congratulations on the Successful Handover of Kunje Market Project in Bié Province, Angola

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Recently, the opening ceremony of Kunje market project in Bié Province, which was undertaken by Angola engineering company, was held. Witnessed by Pereira Alfredo, governor of Bié Province, Jose Tchatuvala, vice governor of Bié Province, Abel Paulo Guerra, mayor of Kuito City, and thousands of residents in Kunje district, the company representative and mayor of Kuito signed the project handover certificate, another livelihood project successfully handed over by the company. “Dejian has successfully overcome the impact of Covid-19, strictly abided by the time node, and delivered the project on schedule. On behalf of the people of Kuito, I thank you,” the governor of Bié province who attended the ceremony expressed his gratitude to the company.

This project is designed and constructed by Dejian itself, with a total of 1,276 stalls, which are divided into 12 areas including daily necessities, vegetables, meat, etc. In the process of project construction, strict guard and closed management are implemented, which not only ensures zero infection of project construction personnel, but also solves the employment problem for local people, and trains a group of skilled workers who can work independently.

“Today is a happy and exciting day for the people of Kunje district and Kuito city. Our vendors have finally moved into a civilized, orderly, clean and tidy market. I hope Dejian can continue to cooperate with us to build more livelihood projects for Angola,” said the mayor of Kuito.

Roadside vendors have moved their goods into the uniform stalls in the market. The faces of the residents and vendors in the vicinity are lit up with joy, and they have put up their thumbs to thank the company. Dejian has always been committed to integrating into and serving the local community. The company will maintain a long-term good cooperative relationship with the local government and make greater contributions to the local infrastructure construction.