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Good News Keeps Coming | Dejian International Successively Won the Bid for the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China

Good News Keeps Coming | Dejian International Successively Won the Bid for the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China

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The good news keeps continuing, with fruitful results. Dejian International Sudan branch won the bid of MOROUJ flour milling project with the contract value of 8 million US dollars, which is another large spot exchange project won in Sudan market in recent years. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the operation of Dejian International has faced many challenges and difficulties, from project bidding to market development.

The way is so long, but it will come, the thing is so hard, but it will be done. Although the bidding work is faced with many difficulties, our Dejian people  still work hard on project bidding for more market development together with our positive learning and hard working attitude. Through our unremitting efforts, the good news keeps coming in first half year of 2021, which is a good achievements for Dejian International. MOROUJ Flour Milling project in Sudan, World Vision Project in Zambia, International integrated port facilities project -P5 construction project in Saudi Arabia, Chattogram SS2*660 MW SS Power 1 Project E4 in Bangladesh, 1700 Affordable housing unit project (1700 logement location vente à bouinan blida) in Algeria. Dejian International won the bidding contract amount of about CNY 600 million in the first half year of 2021.

At the same time, the eastern European market of Romania in the first half of the year opened Mangalia City Yuehai sea-view apartment project, which is the company’s sixth building in the Romanian market. At present, the project has started construction and the pre-sale work has been smoothly carried out, which marks a good start for the European investment sector in 2021.

The successful winning of overseas market projects is the result of everyone’s hard work, and benefit by the trust and support from all sectors of society. Dejian International will continue to uphold our core idea of “To make Achievements with Ethics, To Realize Success with Credit”, and repay the society with excellent construction quality, solid and efficient work style and good corporate reputation.

When facing difficulties, which can cultivate our will; while if we don’t afraid of the difficulties, then we can continue to write a brilliant. The hard-working Dejian personnel actively participated in the market developing and overcame difficulties. In the special period of overseas pandemic, they successfully won several projects, which boosted morale and laid a solid foundation for the achievement of the annual goal.

We need to work hard at the moment. All Dejian international staff was encouraged by our market development project winning, and will do untiringly struggle together with our united, positive, hard working attitude.