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 ”Try Their Hand at Floor Curling” ----- Dejian International held the First Staffs’ Children’s Floor Curling Competition

 ”Try Their Hand at Floor Curling” ----- Dejian International held the First Staffs’ Children’s Floor Curling Competition

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In the hot summer, the summer vacation has come with their children’s expectation. In order to enrich the children’s holiday life, enhance the their interaction and teamwork ability, Dejian hold a series of fun activities for them every holiday. On July 17, Dejian International held the first ”Try Their Hand at Floor Curling” the first staffs’ children’s floor curling competition in Basone Fine Wines, let the children strengthen their ability of unity and mutual assistance in happiness.

Before the game began, the host introduced the development background, equipment, playing skills and rules of the game. Floor Curling is one of the Winter Olympic sports. It is easy and have so much fun to learn. The most important thing is team spirit, responsibility in a team in this competition.

There are 16 young players to participate in this competition. They are divided into 4 teams by drawing lots. All the children are full of vitality and eager to have a try. Through self-introduction, team leader selection, choose team name and other icebreaking activities, the young player gradually get familiar with each other. First, the four team leader, under the witness of the referee, decide the competition order by rock, paper, scissors and choose the color of the floor curling.




When the game officially began, players knelt in the starting area, put the floor curling on the designated serving position, one hand push the ball with their eyes-focusing, hands of the pot ball slide to the scoring point. Because of their first play with the floor curling, our young players did not master the strength in place, sometimes the strength was too small while sometimes was too strong. Through the previous serving experience, our young players were gradually gettng into better, they discussed the battle plan, and they did a better team cooperate, make the ball steady slide into the scoring area. happy laughters and cheerful voices keep continuing during the game.





After more than two hours of fierce competition, the first prize, second prize, third prize and fourth prize were produced in turn, and the company prepared generous prizes for each contestant.

Time always passes quickly in the pleasant time. By carrying out the floor curling competition, not only pulled into the relationship between the company and the staffs’ families, but also let the children understand the characteristics of the floor curling competition, from which to harvest the elite spirit and gentility. The focused thinking and judgment during the competition made the children confident in their study and life.