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In the Name of Youth, Build a Dream of the Future ┃ Dejian International Geld 2021 New Employee Welcome Meeting

In the Name of Youth, Build a Dream of the Future ┃ Dejian International Geld 2021 New Employee Welcome Meeting

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It is the graduation season of a year. Numerous students graduated from the campus and step into the society with expectations for their future. In this hot season, on July 27, Dejian International welcomed 7 passionate new staffs.


On the afternoon of the same day, the 2021 New employee induction welcome meeting was held in Conference Room 2311 of Dejian Holding Building. General Manager Li Ruiguo, Deputy general manager Wang Haijun and Huang Meng, chief Financial Manager Chen Ruichun and the principles of related departments attended the welcome meeting.

At the welcome meeting, seven new  staffs introduced themselves. And also communicated with the management team members and leaders who attended the welcome party, and shared their experience and recent internship experience.

Li Ruiguo briefly introduced the situation of overseas market development and company’s prospects, as well as the company’s talent training plan to the new  staffs, and proposed three expectations for the new  staffs: First point is to be down-to-earth, stable mind, correct understanding of the job responsibilities, as soon as possible to understand the nature of the company, plan their own goals; Second point, to enhance learning urgency, to consult the experienced personnel, to improve their technical ability through a variety of ways; Third point, they should fully integrate into the “big family” of Dejian International, deeply understand the corporate culture and learn the regulations of the company. Finally, he encouraged the new staffs need to complete the role transformation immediately,  explore and improve their skills constantly, and strive to grow into a good staff with progressive thinking, excellent technology and solid work.




The company also has a tailored training “Combo” for new staffs, so that they can understand the history of the company, understand the corporate culture, and enhance their sense of identity and mission to the company.

Yang Yong

Wang Shaoyi

Li Yang

Ren Jiahui

Liu Wenbiao

Tao Zhiwang

Zhao Mingcong

Our General Secretary and President Xi Jinping said, “Youth is a history of struggle, youth is a history of memory.” We hope that the seven new staffs can run the dream as a horse with the power of youth, the belief of youth and the name of youth.