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Dejian International Conducted Special Training on COVID-19 Prevention and Control Knowledge

Dejian International Conducted Special Training on COVID-19 Prevention and Control Knowledge

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In order to further improve the correct understanding of COVID-19, strengthen the awareness of pandemic prevention and control, improve the ability of self-protection and scientific pandemic prevention, and make pandemic prevention and control regularly. On August 20, a special training on COVID-19 prevention and control knowledge was held in Conference room 2311 of Dejian International. Xu Shiyang, head doctor of respiratory medicine department of Dezhou Second People’s Hospital, was specially invited to give a lecture. Domestic office staffs attended the training in conference room, staff from overseas and domestic project department attended the training through Ding talk online.

During the training, Xu Shiyang elaborated on delta virus, pandemic prevention and control policies and measures, cleaning and disinfection requirements, staff management measures, preparation of protective equipment and other aspects according to various documents issued recently and the actual situation of pandemic prevention and control.

First of all, he introduced the concept, characteristics, spreading mode and clinical manifestations of the coming Delta virus in detail, so as to eliminate the blind area in knowledge for everyone. Secondly, he made a systematic introduction of epidemic prevention policies and measures, including the key points of self-pandemic prevention, treatment methods of the outbreak, common drugs for clinical treatment, common psychological problems during the pandemic, and the necessity of vaccination .Finally, Doctor Xu suggested that everyone eat with a balanced diet, take proper exercise, keep in a good mood, and give detailed answers to the questions raised by overseas workers.

In combination with the actual work, Doctor Xu explained the COVID 19 from the medical point of view, so that all the staff of Dejian International further learned the pandemic prevention and control measures under the current situation, reviewed the personal protection measures and precautions for pandemic prevention and control, which greatly enhanced our confidence in pandemic prevention and control.