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The Main Structure of 1700 Affordable Housing Unit Project in Algeria has been Completed Recently

The Main Structure of 1700 Affordable Housing Unit Project in Algeria has been Completed Recently

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On the morning of September 1, local time, with the last main structure in area 3 has been successfully completed, the main structure construction of 1700 Affordable housing unit project in Bouinan has been completed, which has achieved exciting stage results since the construction of the project, marking that the project has entered the decoration part.

The project located in the town of Bouinan, in The Province of Blida, Algeria, which is designed in the form of R+9, a 10-storey structure with reinforced concrete hear wall structure above ground. The project is divided into 5 districts, a total of 43 buildings, the official commencement date is July 11, 2019.

Since the commencement of the project, with the joint efforts of all the project staff, we have made steady progress with the goal of “safety and  quality are always be first”. Neither Algeria’s annual 5 months rainy season nor the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the schedule of the project. At present, the interior decoration of area 1 and 2 is basically completed, area 3 is in the stage of interior decoration, and area 4 and 5 are in the later stage of decoration. In the process of construction, the owner and the supervisor gave high evaluation for many times, and established a good corporate image in the local area.

In the following construction, all the staff of the project Department will work with more enthusiasm, strictly implement the requirements of the company’s construction and pandemic prevention, complete the task with both quality and quantity, and hand over a satisfactory answer to the Employer and our company.