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Team Building through New Year Theme Activity by Dejian International

Team Building through New Year Theme Activity by Dejian International

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On the afternoon of December 29, the theme activity of "team building and celebration of the new year" of Dejian international opened in the company's bosom winery center. Each and every of the company staff gathered together to welcome the coming year.

In the glittering candlelight, with the birthday blessing song sounded, and the company celebrated the birthdays of the three birthday stars in December at first.

Later, entered the game. The "yes or no" game was full of "surprises". Some colleagues got "Chunghwa cigarette", super size cards, big elbows and Chinese cabbage; Some colleagues drank delicious drinks; Some colleagues showed their personal talents, and the scene was full of laughter and excitement.

The ground curling competition integrates interest, entertainment and competitiveness. It is not only a competition of wisdom, but also a competition of team writing ability. There are cheers and joy at the event site. Everyone can release their vitality to full extent, which fully shows the positive spirit of Dejian international employees.

On the occasion of leaving the old year and welcoming the new , this activity made the company's employees feel the warmth of home and the relaxed and pleasant festival atmosphere. It not only enriched everyone's cultural life, strengthened communication and exchange between employees, but also strengthened the cohesion of the company and injected fresh vitality into the new year.