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Dejian International Successfully Held A Publicity and Implementation Meeting For "The First Class of Starting Construction" In Safety Production

Dejian International Successfully Held A Publicity and Implementation Meeting For "The First Class of Starting Construction" In Safety Production

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In order to further strengthen safety awareness, implement safety responsibilities, prevent safety accidents, and ensure the company's safety production is stable and in order, on the afternoon of February 8th, Dejian International held a publicity and implementation meeting for the "first class of starting construction" in meeting room 2311.Members of the leadership team and department managers attended the meeting on site, and the heads of overseas institutions and all management personnel of the domestic project department attended the meeting online. The meeting was chaired by Deputy General Manager Mr. Xu Hongfeng.

At the meeting, first of all, the spirit of the meeting “the first class of starting construction”of the superiors in safety production was conveyed. Xu Hongfeng proposed six specific tasks that need to be implemented:

1. After the resumption of construction and production, conduct a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the construction site water, electricity, fire protection, and edge protection; 2. Adhere to the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control work, fully understand and implement the local pandemic prevention and control policies; 3. Emphasis on pre-job training for all project personnel, concentration, and stable production; 4. Sign the safety production responsibility statement at different levels and positions, and determine the responsibilities of the positions; 5. Strictly manage all subcontractors and comprehensively interpret the main contract; 6. After the resumption of construction, adhere to "A post double duty system, Digital management for a matrix of construction", give full play to the role of the "double prevention system" to achieve hierarchical risk management and control, and to identify and manage hidden dangers.

Finally, General Manager Mr.Li Ruiguo emphasized:

First, pandemic prevention and control at home and abroad is a priority, and various protections must be done well;

The second is to conduct a comprehensive self-inspection and self-correction of personnel, machinery and equipment before starting, and must not be careless;

The third is publicity and education. The person in charge of the branch company and the project department is the first responsible person for the safety of the project. It is necessary to ensure that all personnel are on duty, and personally organize safety education and training at all levels, as well as the study of the three prohibitions, eight strict prohibitions, and the "Shandong Province safety Production Regulations";

Fourth, projects with hidden dangers are resolutely not allowed to start construction, and continue to implement the reporting and reward system for major safety hazards and promote them to overseas institutions;

The fifth is to implement the principle of "A post double duty system", "managing business must manage safety, and managing production and operation must manage safety", and implement the safety production responsibility system for all staffs;

Sixth, each person in charge should carry out safety production publicity and implementation in a planned and hierarchical manner according to the requirements of the activity and the actual situation;

The seventh is to create highlights of safety production innovation that conform to the company's development, summarize and share good practices.

After the meeting, Li Ruiguo, on behalf of the company, signed safety production responsibility statement with relevant responsible persons. By holding this publicity and implementation meeting, the awareness of red line, bottom line and responsibility of all management personnel has been further strengthened, the awareness of legal, management and responsibility performance has been effectively enhanced, and the safety production responsibility system of all staffs has been implemented, which has improved the company's safety production management level.