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We Remain True to Our Original Aspiration, Work Hard with High Spirits and Quick Action We Gather Strength and Set Journey off Again Dejian International 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference held Smoothly

We Remain True to Our Original Aspiration, Work Hard with High Spirits and Quick Action We Gather Strength and Set Journey off Again Dejian International 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference held Smoothly

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At 3:00 p.m. on January 22nd, Dejian International held the 2021 annual summary and Commendation conference in Meilihua Hotel. Mr. Ma Zhixin, member of the Party Committee and deputy Chairman of Dejian Holding Co., Ltd. and Mr. Xia Kai, member of the Party committee and deputy chairman of Dejian Holding Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. According to the requirements of pandemic prevention and control, company team members, department managers and local management personnel in Dezhou attended the meeting on site, and overseas branch and project departments outside of Dezhou attended the meeting by video conference. Mr. Wang Haijun, deputy general manager of Dejian International, conducted the conference.

First, Mr. Xu Hongfeng, deputy General Manager of Dejian International, read out the Decision on Awarding Excellent Branch and Excellent Stuff in 2021.

Before the prize-award ceremony, we watched the video of 2021 excellent branch and excellent personnel. The leaders and management of the holding company awarded trophies and certificates to some overseas branches and staff who have been commended.

Cao Xuqiang and Tao Zhiwang, as excellent staff representatives, given their speeches. They said that they feel honored to speak as the excellent staff representatives, which is both an honor and a responsibility. Their personal achievements cannot be achieved without the development platform provided by the Shandong, the support of leaders and the help of colleagues. In the future, they will strive to overcome their disadvantages, faithfully perform their duties, and complete their work with higher quality and efficiency.

General Manager Li Ruiguo made the report of 2021 work summary and 2022 work arrangement. He reported Dejian International's work achievements in 2021 in detail from the aspects of the development of branch offices and project department, grasping the difficulties to expand the market, overcoming difficulties to promote the implementation of the agreement, establishing rules and regulations to promote localization, pandemic prevention and control, team building, talent training and so on. He also pointed out the disadvantages, difficulties and challenges in 2021, and proposed that working ideas in 2022, which is “high-quality development should be the goal, and cost reduction and efficiency increase should be the main point; Implementing the development pattern with project contracting as the main subject, international investment and international trade as the both wings, seeking to expand to the high-end market on the basis of deep cultivation of the African market; We will continue to promote localized management in an all-round way”. He emphasized that in the face of the global economic downturn and the after-pandemic situation of overseas market development, the key emphasis of work in 2022 is to promote the construction of localization, improve the market competitiveness of our own company.

Mr. Ma Zhixin made a concluding speech on behalf of the holding group. Firstly, He affirmed the achievements made by Dejian International in 2021, congratulate the excellent overseas branches and staffs who have been commended, and express his compliment to the staffs who still work outside in overseas branches.

First, Risk Prevention and Control. Under the current international pandemic situation,pandemic prevention and control is the top priority, which should not be relaxed. It is necessary to ensure the safety of workers’ lives, pay attention to risk prevention and control in operation and production, and carry out risk control in accordance with the group’s health and production development idea.

Second, we need to strengthen confidence in development. Under the pandemic situation,  we are facing so many challenges in various aspects. In the face of marketing challenges, production difficulties and cost increases, Dejian International should work together to form consensus and develop steadily.

Third, standardize the work process through our reform of introducing mixed ownership. In combination with the experience of other companies, I planned the preparation work of mixed reform in advance and standardized the work of the company.

Fourth, consolidate team building. The team building of Dejian International is essential, not only to do a good job of “home” culture, but also to provide a platform for young staff, so that they have more opportunities to explore and practice, improve the talent training mechanism, create a team culture with international characteristics, and constantly enhance the influence of Dejian International in the industry.

Mr. Ma Zhixin said that he believed Dejian International would overcome the difficulties brought by the pandemic and looked forward to greater progress and better development in 2022.

We Remain True to Our Original Aspiration, Work Hard with High Spirits and Quick Action. We Gather Strength and Set Journey off Again. Dejian International will take this conference as a new starting point, we will overcome difficulties, and full of enthusiasm to comprehensively promote the in-depth, solid and effective implementation of all work in 2022.

During the meeting, we also watched the New Year greeting video sent by overseas branches.