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Successfully completing the main building of SAYGA flour mill by Sudan branch Co.

Successfully completing the main building of SAYGA flour mill by Sudan branch Co.

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On October 22, 2022, the main building of the SAYGA flour mill project undertaken by Sudan Branch Co. was successfully completed. The project construction area is around 8,000 square meters and is a reinforced concrete skeleton works. This is the first time that the Sudan branch Co. has participated in the construction of the Sudan DAL Group's in Port Sudan project, and it is also the first time that the Sudan branch has used the slipfoming for plant construction.  

Since the start of construction in February of 2022, the Sudan branch Co. has selected rich experience team members to participate in the project construction. The project has a tight construction period, heavy tasks, cumbersome procedures for entering and leaving the port Sudan for personnel and goods, complicated engineer inspection and political turmoil in Sudan and the raging covid-2019 epidemic, which have seriously affected the construction. However, all the staff of the project department worked together to face the difficulties. It took 246 days to complete the project with high quality and quantity, and delivered satisfactory works to the owners.

The Sudan branch Co. will take this opportunity to devote full enthusiasm to the following project construction, strictly control construction safety, strictly control quality, go all out to perform high-quality contracts, and continue to make contributions to the company's deepening of the Sudan market.