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Completion ceremony for MANSA CEEC Industrial Park project

Completion ceremony for MANSA CEEC Industrial Park project

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The ceremony was hosted by Muwe Wungule, the Consul General of MANSA CEEC, and attended by Elias Mubanga, the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises of Zambia, who affirmed the project performance and construction level of the Zambian branch.

The MANSA CEEC project is located in Mansa, the capital of Luapula province, and comprises 13 individual units of offices, restaurants, warehouses, operating rooms and painting workshops, with a floor area of approximately 5,000 square metres. The project, funded by the Citizens' Economic Support Committee (CEEC), is an industrial yard that brings together small and medium-sized enterprises in metalworking, woodworking, jewellery processing and car repair, in order to provide a better space for small and medium-sized enterprises while providing employment for the surrounding population.