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Counsellor of Embassy of the Republic of Sudan, ABDELRAHMAN A. HAGNOUR visited Dejian International

Counsellor of Embassy of the Republic of Sudan, ABDELRAHMAN A. HAGNOUR visited Dejian International

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On February 8th, the Counsellor of the embassy of Republic of Sudan in China, ABDELRAHMAN A. HAGNOUR, paid a visit to Dejian International. In the conference room of Dejian International, two parties had in-depth communication on topics of common concern. General Manager Li Ruiguo led the team members and relevant department heads to attend the meeting.

At the symposium Firstly, Li Ruiguo welcomed the visit of Mr. ABDELRAHMAN A. HAGNOUR. Mr. ABDELRAHMAN A. HAGNOUR addressed that the political situation stabilized in Sudan gradually , the market demand continued to increase, and the economic situation also appeared to be in a good situation. Dejian has established a good reputation among the Sudanese government and private enterprises, and expects to continue to expand the cooperation fields in Sudan and make contributions to improving the living standards of the Sudanese people. Li Ruiguo stressed that the Sudanese people are simple and peaceful, and Dejian International has full confidence in Sudan market, and will repay the trust of the Sudanese government and people with practical actions. He looked forward to mutually beneficial cooperation between the two parties in more areas in the future, and believed that the development of Sudan would be better and better.

At the construction site of the Dezhou Culture and Technology Center Project and the Dezhou Sports Park Project, Mr. ABDELRAHMAN A. HAGNOUR highly appreciated the construction level of Dejian.

The visit of Mr. ABDELRAHMAN A. HAGNOUR deepened the friendship between Dejian and the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in China and benefit two parties to undertake more practical cooperation in the future.