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[Spring Festival Special Episode] Dejian international on the way of the "the Belt and Road ” celebrated the Spring Festival of the the Year of the Dragon

[Spring Festival Special Episode] Dejian international on the way of the "the Belt and Road ” celebrated the Spring Festival of the the Year of the Dragon

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All thoughts are separated by mountains and seas, but mountains and seas can be leveled. The Dejian international staffs who were still fighting on the front line overseas celebrated the the Year of the Dragon in various ways. They turned their strong homesickness into work motivation and devoted themselves to the construction of "the Belt and Road"from mysterious Africa to remote South America, and then to the hot Middle East. They lighted up "Chinese red", taste "Chinese flavor", and celebrated "Chinese New Year" in a foreign land. Now, let's follow the editor to experience their unique Spring Festival!


In Algeria

They decorated the base with Spring Festival couplets and Fu characters, making it festive and prosperous. A steaming New Year's Eve dinner is a consolation to  the homesickness of the staffs of Dejian international. With clear division of labor and solidarity, and with the participation of the local employees, the scene was full of laugh and joy.

In Caribbean

The project didn't stop during Spring Festival. At the same time, colleagues at the base were preparing for lottery and ring-tossing games, and the New Year's Eve dinner was full of delicious dishes. While drinking and feasting, they were celebrating the hopeful New Year together.

 In South Sudan

With the joyous red couplets posted, the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year was instantly created. This is the fourth year that they have moved to the Nile apartment. Once again,they held a New Year's Eve party together with other units in the courtyard. Everyone sat together, chattered about their daily life, and raised their toasts to welcome the New Year together.

In Zimbabwe

The project site was still in full swing, and the New Year team had also started posting the Spring Festival couplets and prepare the New Year's Eve dinner. When everyone was gathered, the food was on the table. They were giving their New Year's greetings ,looking forward to a wonderful new year.

In Tanzania

To paste Spring Festival couplets and hang lanterns, the sense of ceremony is essential for the Chinese New Year. At the same time, the Tanzania branch organized a trip to the seaside, relieving the fatigue of the year and welcome the new year.

In Saudi Arabia

They were busy finishing their work while starting to paste Spring Festival couplets and distribute Spring Festival welfare to the workers. A table full of fragrant New Year's Eve dinner was served by joint efforts. Before the meal, they also carried out a lively fixed-point shooting activity.

In Zambia

They stuck the Spring Festival couplets and Fu characters together, prepared for the New Year's Eve dinner. "Happy Spring Festival!" At the moment of toasting, happiness is filled on everyone's faces.              

In Angola

After pasting the couplets, they started to make dumplings, prepare for the New Year's Eve dinner. Everyone exchanged blessings, passed on their greetings, and shared their hardships and achievements of the past year.

They turned reunion into new year celebrating on the spot

They turned the journey home into staying on duty

On this New Year's Eve with thousands of lights

Dejian International personnel were still fighting on the front line overseas

Let the taste of the New Year spread thousands of miles away