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128 solar mills have been set up in Northwest Zambia, of which 5 are used to grind cassava flour

128 solar mills have been set up in Northwest Zambia, of which 5 are used to grind cassava flour

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(reporting by cable)


  The government bought 128 solar power mills through the Zambia cooperation coalition, installed in all regions of Northwest china.

  This is in addition to the president in February this year, the newly formed Kaba Karen and the cooperative trial run outside the mill.

  James Cheel Wa, general manager of the Zambia Cooperative Federation, said it would begin installing flour mills in the region next month.

  Mr. Chelva said five of the 128 mills will be used for cassava in order to provide market for cassava farmers in the province. The distribution of these mills will depend on the level of each area of corn production, Vigny lenga area will be built two cassava mills, and Yi Lun, the Zambezi and cabo slope will be the construction of a cassava grinding factory. The president's initiative to buy solar mill projects is aimed at reducing corn prices across the country.

  Mr Matthew said that installing solar powered mills in the province would not only help reduce prices for corn flour, but would also create jobs for local people, especially young people. Adequate rainfall in Northwest china. People can have enough corn to keep the mill. Meanwhile, the Food Reserve said it would soon start buying corn from farmers in the province.

  "The agency has begun training who will drill in this year's crop marketing season," said Martin Mancha, marketing coordinator at the northern end of the grain reserve board.

  The goal of the grain reserve board is to buy 2 million 200 thousand and 50 bags of white jade from farmers in this province in Northwest China last year, the 1 million 250 thousand bags that were sold last year, Mr.

  So, this season, our goal is to buy 110 thousand tons from the 52500 tons we bought last season, which means our goal has almost doubled.

  Mr. Mensa earlier in the cable rowitch's office to the Permanent Secretary of the northwest province Ruimu Matthews has called for AI, Mr Matthews has urged the plan to ensure the timely administration of grain reserves to the corn farmers payment institutions.