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Solar-powered mills cheer Kawambwa residents

Solar-powered mills cheer Kawambwa residents

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  The Kawabuwa Nampula Ruhr district people's Government commissioned the distribution of 10 seat grinding plant in this area, they hope the flour mills will help to reduce the price of corn.

  This year, the government will build 10 mill sites in the region to help reduce corn prices.

  Ivor M Pa Tha Kawabuwa member in an interview yesterday, said the decision to Kawabuwa people.

  Mr. Mpasa said the region's administration has found 10 co-operatives to manage the mill and ensure that corn prices are lowered for the local population.

  The establishment of the mill will not only reduce the price of corn and corn kernels but also create jobs for many unemployed young people in the region, he said.

Mr. Mpasa said cooperatives could buy corn directly from them for local farmers to produce a wider market.

  We are very grateful to the president promised to achieve the construction of Lungu flour mills commitment nationwide during the presidential campaign, that can reduce the price of corn.

  Mr. Mpasa said that this project will bring multiple benefits to people Kawabuwa. Because the price of corn is lower, people will start to deal with the chicken industry.

  He said the district administration would ensure that the government's poor population project could help to provide the public with cheap corn flour by building mills.