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Zambia national service team 2000 housing projects held groundbreaking ceremony

Zambia national service team 2000 housing projects held groundbreaking ceremony

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  President Lungu commitment in his reign, caused by the housing shortage of Defense personnel living conditions of old phenomenon will be gone. He officially launched the 2000 national guard housing program yesterday. The project will cover the whole country and cost about $158 million.

  Housing will use aerated concrete. The technology is cheaper, but the product is better.

  The president noted that the project will involve national camps throughout the country, with a construction cycle of 3 years. The government will no longer allow defence personnel to live in conditions that are not in keeping with their noble status. "The government should not only meet the good housing needs of the defense personnel, but also meet the various needs of the defense of the nation." His Excellency the president said. It is necessary to stress the improvement of the living conditions of officers and men. This is not only conducive to timely mobilization in case of emergency, but also conducive to the daily lives of officers and men.

  The president is pleased to see that efforts to improve the living conditions of all defense security personnel are being implemented step by step. Especially after the completion of the acceptance of the national service team and the national reform through Labour Bureau housing project. It is also a pledge of the ruling party in the election campaign.

  He said that the special nature of the project is that the executive units are the joint venture between the Ministry of defense of the Zambia, the Zambia cooperation alliance and the Shandong Construction Group Co., ltd.. Among them, the Zambia government holds 25%. Within ten years, technology and shares will be fully transferred to the government.

  The defense secretary also mentioned that a good living environment not only improves morale, but also improves the daily efficiency of officers and men.

  The head of the National Guard thanked the president for keeping his promise and improving his living conditions for his officers and men. With this program, he said, the officers would no longer be concerned about the harsh conditions surrounding the countryside. He is also very pleased to work with China Contractor, Shandong construction company.

  The president of the Zambia Alliance for cooperation says the ACC panels used to build homes will be processed locally, which will create 200 jobs.

Mr. Zhou Zhenqi, general manager of Tak Holdings, mentioned that the ACC sheet is not only cheap, but also more durable compared with traditional building materials. "We only need three weeks to complete such a model room, compared with the traditional building materials, the construction period is greatly reduced." He also said that Germany will invest one million U. S. dollars in the establishment of factories, production projects required for a variety of building materials, such as roofing tiles, steel structures. This will create 200 more jobs.

  The project was financed by the Zambia Development Bank to finance the ICBC.