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Sultan style - Khartoum

Sultan style - Khartoum

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  In my eyes, Khartoum is a city full of vitality and stability. Khartoum is the political and cultural center of Sultan. The river runs through the whole Sultan through Egypt, Taotao river stretches thousands of miles, everywhere on the island, the island is lush, natural pastures, there are many shepherds here sheep every day, the woods became the Sultan dinner, leisure time, every Friday they will come here with family outing, dinner, facing the Nile, eating barbecue, drinking tea, very happy! Most of people here even though life is hard, but very warm, they often eat together, inviting passers-by to dine. Roadside buckets are also free for passers-by to drink.

  Khartoum a lot of cars, but the donkey is a major feature of Sultan, people love the donkey. In the street, in the market can be seen everywhere, motionless donkey motionless. Sultan animal husbandry developed, cattle and sheep can be seen everywhere, and we call it "the lamb to be slaughtered"". During Eid al AdhA, people will hordes of sheep to entertain family and friends and guests, visiting tomb chanting, the memory of ancestors, and held a get-together with rich and colorful art came to congratulate the people of the holiday celebration, and extend a few days, so called "Gould," these days is also regardless of passers-by, tourists, their warm hospitality. Due to climate, geography and other reasons, Sultan's agriculture is not developed, the weather here is hot and dry, and the desert is in the majority. Large tracts of land have been wasted and failed to make use of. It is also the reason why Sultan is poor and backward.

  As time goes on, I am sure I will know more about Sultan and I will love it more. I hope the economy of Sultan will flourish rapidly and the people's living standards will continue to improve.


Sultan item company Shi Xueliang

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