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Construction workers in Khartoum

Construction workers in Khartoum

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Construction workers in Khartoum

  Lofty buildings from the ground, relying on the construction workers collective. Construction workers to write the history of poetry, architecture is the witness of history and culture. A building to the next day even in different poses and with different expressions, the building is full of brick masonry construction workers, a drop of sweat and accumulation. But who knows the bright and brave construction workers on weekdays to pay and work unknown to the public, especially in Africa and Khartoum construction workers, pay more sweat, experienced more difficult, and even give up their youth.

  The construction workers brothers, repeated every day experiencing "shoulders and fan Chen, head Sun Ying sand monotonous life", the morning dawn to the site of the home had been dark work (here said the company is our home). In the beginning to enter the site, potholes everywhere weeds, sand, filled with heaven and earth, scaffolding, site construction workers paved the road of life.

  Every day is scorching sun parched the earth, the brothers' work hard maybe when perspiration comes down like raindrops, what big winds, thousands of miles of sand, dark skinned brother workers, stand on the scaffold on the roof or sand, and fighting, showing their strong. They are his arms in, become the most beautiful scenery in the city to the sky, showing their strong hands, the scorching sun, to the world about their guts, then safety hats they figure is more bright and brave.

  The silence of the building standing alone, tough and tall and straight, waiting for Khartoum, this piece of land gradually evolved, they have always been a shoulder to pick the sun, a shoulder with the moon, no complaints. The grass withered, they did not pay attention to what the passage of time, let the heart flutter in the air, and the wear scar, thoughts of moods fall into the dust everywhere. Can only look up at the sky, look to the sky and the sun rises in the East; East, China, the dragon to fly to our home.

  Spare time they will stare, look the fruits of their labor, building in the fireplace grill, standing in the wind, the building together with your heart, your soul, with their hard efforts and sweat, they looked at it can leave traces in the footsteps of history, it can witness a miracle, write a chapter in the history of.

  They always send the sunset, in the moon, the stars declined with soil, incense in the air to fall asleep, snoring with thoughts drifting away. Khartoum, a large number of buildings in the building, there is no place without the enthusiasm and simplicity of construction workers. They make the city is full of beautiful scenery, to show the world a piece of artwork to leave a Art beats nature., indelible chapter in the history of history.


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