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Battlefield without smoke

Battlefield without smoke

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"Battlefield without smoke"

  Before knocking down these words, ready for a period of time, not to prepare material, nor is it a brewing structure...... But it is a preparation of the mind, for I do not know whether these words can express what I want to say.

  Texchem "overseas dream" in late 90s, the initial in the Russian Far East, the first step is to de construction overseas construction, with the passage of time, along with the overseas market development and construction experience, now virtuarch people "overseas dream" has been a dream come true. As a group of overseas market leading international branch, the pace has entered Sultan in Africa, Angola, South Sultan, Congo, Zambia (Brazzaville), Algeria six, before people will never virtuarch footprint here so much, never will pace so steady, this is the correct leading group "a two base line" development strategy, but also in overseas workers to work hard.

  In the group of "one base, two lines, three times in the two major industries, the rise of a hundred years, Germany built the call, several young people in Germany built at the end of 2006, Sultan embarked on a piece of land in Africa, they introduced by acquaintances, in the language, the case of hot weather, just hang down and this is not a smoke" war on". This is also the achievement of the ongoing expansion of the overseas market, the diversification of the industry, but do you know, behind this insistence, overseas workers in the work of how much?

  They sacrifice is the most difficult to let go of the Chinese family......

  In the coming vacation, because the work they need to give up vacation, uncomplaining stick on the job; some workers because of the busy work or special job, sick parents can serve in front of the bed, my grandfather died cannot send the final leg; but some workers just because of their work, the couple joy in their marriage., early farewell wife said children are the parents; a lifetime of care, but because of working abroad, they miss the birth of a child, miss the child the best growth period, they are not like ordinary people, with children babbling, practice walking, not to accompany the children to play, the game will connect, send their children to school to school seems so extravagant....... When they saw the fatigued with the journey back home, more parents are a year old, because his wife is when the father and mother and a strange feeling tired, is the child of the father. But because the cause of virtuarch people overseas, these foreign workers, they silently endure the miss of the family, love for their homeland, "small family homes, which have you", this is an international company to open up overseas markets in recent years the staff thought formed, they understand the importance of moral construction in overseas market development, so they still insist on the original dedication.

  Those who insist for a long time in overseas workers, endured as a son, a husband, a father and not conscientious great heart pain, this is a complex process of how. But who we are De Jian, we inherited the generation of virtuarch people working hard, unremitting self-improvement spirit, the overseas market bigger and stronger is an important force to boost the "century De Jian", we hope to become the mainstay of this force.

  The overseas cause of the construction of Germany, is a battlefield without smoke, we want to do the most courageous soldiers!



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