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Northern Lunda trip

Northern Lunda trip

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Northern Lunda trip

  All the way forward, all the way scenery. Angola blue sky, clean without a trace of impurities. Floating clouds and white clouds, like dotted cotton candy. In the unlimited extension of the both sides of the road, Bi thousand miles, but not boundless, surrounded by hills, the ground is green, hill is green, natural scenery to make people feel good, go on the road, is a kind of enjoyment.

  On the way, we talked about the original state of the hot springs, aroused my curiosity, I would like to see the artificial transformation of the hot springs did not really look like. So we bumped more than 10 kilometers and came to the hot springs at the foot of the mountain. When you get off, you can clearly feel a heat flow in the air. The rocks surrounding the hot springs have hot temperatures from the underground. More in the area of tropical vegetation, branches and twigs, vines winding, like a cover of dark green net, sunlight is also projected to not come, silhouetted against the stream, green spring as a mirror. As I approached, I put my hands in the warm water and melted into the green tenderness of the spring water. That feeling was only known when I experienced it.

  When the car driving on the road, bumpy, muddy rain gathered, I always worry about the pickup truck was not strong enough, half strike. However, the "chaos" road has its scenery on both sides of the road, overgrown with weeds, flowers, and fruit, two small watermelon and a little turtle was found in the way, then watermelon gave local police, the tortoise and I became Diana's buddy, is after we have known "torture" comfort.

  The seven day trip, the most happy or stay in Ma Lan was hot that day, we went to see Mr Maringe falls. At five in the morning we went out, and a few days ago to get up early on the move in different mood, this is entirely with the excitement of the departure of tourism. The morning sky clouds overlap, thick fog, open the door, not the king, first heard the sound. Not far away, the river rapids rushing beat rock, roared down the cliff, such as the sound of ponley, induced turbulent churn. We stood on the deck, dispersed, saw a torrent of water straight down, poured into the lake, scattered water, diffuse cloud of mist, can't tell where is water, where is the fog, intoxicated people. "Waterfalls three thousand feet, the suspect is the Milky Way fell nine days" is appropriate to describe the majestic momentum Marange falls. I can't help looking for different angles to take pictures, and put the beauty in the picture.

  I don't hike mountain; not wading, unknown depth; not to reward wonders, how wonderful, north line that the deepest feelings of ronda. If not I will not eat to travel over land and water, China no fruit, not seeing the trees embrace the growth of trees is unusual, but not to see Angola people so witty, building materials with fine trunk mud instead of reinforced concrete and brick. I hope to have more opportunity to experience new things, to a single life, enrich the content of life.