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The warm-hearted man of Sultan

The warm-hearted man of Sultan

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The warm-hearted man of Sultan

  Sultan is a country of Islam as the country, the whole country, with the exception of a small number of Christians, most of the other citizens of the Islamic muslim. Sultan people began to read and learn from the Koran, plus the doctrine of strict, so the life of the people of Sultan are strongly committed to the principles of Muslim practice, very kind and conservative. We work and live in Sultan, whenever encountered difficulties, the people around Sultan will be enthusiastic to lend a helping hand. The spirit of Sultan people who help others often make us feel very touched, so that we can not help but praise the nation is really a warm-hearted people. Here are two examples of Sultan people who are happy to help others:

  On one occasion, I and another colleague drove out of town on Friday, halfway to the car dashboard alarm, a closer look at the engine temperature is too high. Quickly stopped the car at the roadside, open the front cover of a check, the water tank has been leaking clean, we are fortunate to find the two sides did not lead to accidents, while worrying about how to do. The car broke down in front of the village can not shop, I and colleagues in the hands of the remaining half a bottle of mineral water, all poured into the water tank after the car did not even take a bubble, from the top is also a big difference. The place is too partial, and not to buy mineral water, my colleagues and I are scratching on the occasion, a lengthened Sultan van parked beside us. On the car down a middle-aged man wearing a robe in Arabia. With our simple greeting, uncle saw our plight, he waved at us in Arabic shouted "no problem". Then I got into the trunk of my car and turned to pick up a yellow plastic bucket. Unscrew the cap and then quickly add up the water. A water tank fill, the Arabia uncle and deftly screw on the tank after we ran waved his hand and said "go". My colleagues and I, with our stiff Arabic thanks to the honorable uncle.

  If you get lost in Sultan, do not have to worry about, just to the side of the road to ask the people of Sultan, Sultan people will be happy to give you directions. We were sitting on the roadside to a chair resting on the old way. Originally unfamiliar, plus our Arabic is not flattered, so the old man introduced back and forth several times we are still confused. The old man to see us really anxious, simply pulled open the door on our car, pointing to the front of the hand we drive, and then the old man all the way to tell us where to turn. After a while, he arrived at the destination. The old man told us to do our business. It is late, we go to do our thing, but that situation frequent, things are tough, we took 1.5 hours to complete. It was dark when we came out of the office. We suddenly remembered that the old man was still waiting for us in the car. We had to wait for us for 1.5 hours. Hurriedly flew back to the parking place, the old man saw us coming, not only angry, still smiling at us. This is a few of us more embarrassed, with an apology to ask him if you can eat a meal, the old man waved his hand to say no. We drove the old man back to his place. The old man smiled and waved at us. What a lovely Sultan man!

  The people of Sultan simple and kind-hearted character and style all the time to move the hearts of those who struggle for years in our hearts. We are happy to work and live in such a friendly country. Long live Sino Soviet friendship.


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