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Impression of Angola

Impression of Angola

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  Africa is a remote and mysterious continent, where everything is new to us. Here, you can deeply feel the happiness of the African people, they live in different ways, and they can not see sadness and irritability on their faces.

  Angola's civil war has caused a severe imbalance between men and women. The local man practiced polygamy, family status is extremely high, the wives of her husband obey in every way. Some responsible man will go to the site to do security workers, or do some small business to supplement the family income, in order to reduce the burden of home. Others do nothing, drink, sing, dance, and hang out every day.

  On the streets of Angola, you can buy all kinds of things. The local woman has a large plastic basin over her head. It contains bread, eggs, jam, fruit and drinks and so on. It has a wide range of commodities and a large quantity. If you want to buy something, just sign in the car and they'll come up against the plastic basin for you to choose from. Meet the need to buy snacks, she just a little bend leg or stand low, with eyes to see, buyers get bread, and then clip into eggs, put on jam, pay to her, such people in the local called Luda. Each Angola women have a piece of cloth pattern, can bundle of hair can be strapped to his body Douzhu child, can be rolled up when the cloth top things can be tied on the shoulder to ward off the cold, rainy days can also put on the head out of the rain. It also has a magical effect, that is, when the temporary toilets, because Angola infrastructure is backward, women will come up with such a way, in case of emergency. Usually do not use when tied to the waist, far from looking like a nice skirt.

  And the African people, how can music? Every weekend, men and women, old and young, gather in a simple bar on the side of the road, eating barbecue, drinking wine, opening the stereo, accompanied by a strong sense of rhythm of African music, began their night carnival.

  In the days of Angola, I saw both simplicity and beauty, as well as lack and hope. This is a colorful place, the sun, the blue sky, the vast grasslands, wild animals running and passionate residents of each other, together to delineate a different kind of Angola.


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