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Meet Africa

Meet Africa

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  I joined Germany through an occasional opportunity to become part of Germany's photovoltaic project in Zambia. The first time to go abroad, the first time by plane, everything is so new. When the plane took me to Zambia to Lusaka, what I saw was the endless green, pure white and blue gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind full of flowers, there are trees and flowers and green grass everywhere.

  After leaving the airport, I come back to pick up the colleagues returned to base, our base structure is like Beijing courtyard, a total of three gates, two security Gang, security personnel 24 hours rotation duty. My colleagues looked surprised and explained to me that the base of the company is one of the best bases for security in Chinese enterprises! Base hospital covered with plants, and many do not call on the name of the flowers in the sunshine bloom, let a person look happy. The most pleasant thing is that every door has a pair of antithetical couplets on it, so that people can feel the warmth of their hometown in a foreign country.

  By gradually adapting, I gradually got into working condition. I went with my colleagues to the Chipata site in Zambia, capital of the eastern province of Shandong, to confirm the mill site and see Africa more intuitively. In most parts of Zambia, the land is poor, and children in rags can be seen everywhere. The roads in the countryside are in bad condition, and some of them are dilapidated and badly damaged. Many villages in the mountains have no electricity, the cell phone has no signal and is almost isolated. Before the company put in a solar mill, local residents could only walk the dirt roads with corn on their heads in order to change the coarse flour. Now, the use of solar mill equipment, not only the efficient production of fine flour, but also virtually increased employment, driven by some families income.

  For nearly half a month, from the initial tense, confusion, to the present stability and stability, and the care of your colleagues are inseparable. I'm glad to meet you all in my life and thank you for having such a rich experience in my life. It makes me love life more and treasure everything I have. I will work harder and stay away from this trip!


Zambia engineering company / Jiang Yunzhi