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Exotic, chic Sultan wedding

Exotic, chic Sultan wedding

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  Each country has its own unique customs and habits. What impressed me most was that I was invited to a fancy wedding in Sultan. We arrived at 7 p.m. the wedding venue, saw the empty yard has built a small stage in the stage, surrounded by flowers, the courtyard wall covered with painted color patterns of the canvas, but also pull up the ribbon, hung a small lantern, the yard filled with chairs. A red carpet from the door straight shop to the stage. Under the guidance of a staff member, we were arranged in a very good round table, and later learned that the location is a special identity of guests can sit. As guests continued to show up, the atmosphere grew warm. Male and female relatives of the central stage in the carnival dance accompaniment band of professional audio, video camera with a road, the music is the traditional music of Arabia, a very strong sense of rhythm, will make you couldn't help dancing. The people of Sultan need dowry as in domestic marriage. The man to the woman twenty thousand pounds Sultan dowry and some gold jewelry, the woman will escort the same rich dowry. Due to a different place and gifts are not the same, in some places will put cattle and sheep as a dowry.

  After a week of worship, the venue suddenly cheers, more lively, it is the protagonist - the bride and groom on the stage. The groom in a clean manner, the bride dressed up, the bride back also painted with beautiful patterns. Bride and groom in the beautiful music, side by side, hand in hand, surrounded by guests, slowly walked into the field. Walked to the stage, sat on the stage, a local respected old man sent his blessing, and then relatives and friends are blessing. Guests stepped forward to shake hands, hug and kiss, and take a group photo as a warm congratulations.

  The guests at the ceremony burst into thunderous applause and warm congratulations, and the bride and groom bowed and nodded their thanks. The people danced and danced, surrounded the bride and bridegroom in the center, and made the happy wedding climax. We couldn't help but join in the dance with the bride and groom, and though they did not dance well, we enjoyed the moment.

  In the wedding, I feel the enthusiasm and boldness of the people of Sultan, and I also feel the foreign customs of different countries. I hope all of them enjoy a happy and peaceful life.