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Strengthen their own development, do not forget to give back to society

Strengthen their own development, do not forget to give back to society

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  South Sultan project department to undertake a project from the Nile shore wharf industrial district actively after construction, in the rainy season to catch the successful completion of the 3 km road construction, factory cleaning, wharf area residents movements housing construction tasks before, for travel and life of local residents brought great convenience. Wide and smooth road surface, scientific and reasonable drainage system, even if the heavy rain struck, solid red clay road will not water, mud, pedestrians, vehicles do not have to worry about this road impassability.

  During the dock road construction, the project department repeatedly use the existing manpower, equipment and other resources to do a lot of help for the local community, such as land leveling, muddy road, bridge backfill reinforcement, from the local community. In particular, a school aided by the United Nations, for a long time no one management, just like in the deep grass bushes, teachers and students are basically walking in the grass. In the grass, insects, snakes, and more toxic hidden in the weeds, to bring a lot of threats to the school teachers and students. In order to solve this situation, community leaders to find the project department hopes to help. Upon request the project department to respond quickly, consider the current student holidays, is also the last time to do the construction, the project department organized elite forces, based on the present conditions of the school and the nearby site of nearly twenty thousand square meters of cleaning, leveling, backfill and compaction, weeds and garbage sinotrans. After hard work, less than a week, the project department will be a overgrown with weeds, the difficulty of access to people full of weeds into a spacious, smooth and convenient campus. Nearby residents to see Chinese companies are really doing things for them, good things, all nodded praise, the initiative to communicate with us, make friends, and even to the tree picking mango condolences to us.

  South Sultan's short time, extreme economic backward, infrastructure construction is almost zero, the local daily life basic hungry extremely difficult, most people rely on the United Nations relief, so they have no ability for infrastructure construction. In order to improve the Shandong built in the local social reputation and social responsibility, and to provide real help for local people in South Sultan project department to ensure production at the same time, actively participate in local community service, nearby residents have done a lot of humanitarian aid, although cannot change the situation of poverty and backwardness in Southern Sultan. But the two countries closer to ordinary people's hearts, let more people see southern Sultan Chinese is really worth to pay a friend.

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