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Dejian Group Sultan company to carry out activities to send warmth to orphans in Sultan

Dejian Group Sultan company to carry out activities to send warmth to orphans in Sultan

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  In December 24, 2015, Shandong DeJian Sultan engineering company staff in the general manager Wang Haijun led down to the Sultan Khartoum Islamic center home orphanage, to the orphanage children gave Dejian group a love and care. This is the first half of this year after the company for the children of Sultan to offer love activities, and once again to carry out donations.

  It is reported that the Islamic center home orphanage is the government of Sultan for homeless children and abandoned disabled children set up. Due to the limited economy in Sultan, the children stay in school and the surrounding area is not closed, can only play the role of shading and rain. It is the coldest season in Sultan, the company takes into account the difficult conditions of the children living, specifically for them to change the bed, and brought to the oil, noodles and other food. Under the leadership of the president, we visited the children's school buildings, watching the children show a happy smile, we sincerely hope that they can find a warm home, healthy and happy growth.

  Before leaving the school on behalf of the orphanage children wrote a letter of thanks and give the company, I wish the company in Sultan's booming development, I wish the friendship between China and the Soviet Union forever, and send sincere thanks!

  Yeah! There is truth in the world. We advocate the Dejian group's love donation activities, always adhere to the good heart to do the right thing. At the same time to carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues, love will continue.