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  Children's village is located in the center of Sultan, Khartoum market, in fact, this is a major adoption of orphans and disabled children in primary schools. On the afternoon of July 29th, all the employees of Sultan engineering company came here with our love under the leadership of general manager Wang Haijun. The children's simple laughter and clear eyes let us feel that they are so innocent and lovely. School staff is also "warm" treat ", although only some ordinary candy, but our hearts are filled with joy, in the lead, we visited their learning activities and accommodation, we prepare the learning activities presented to the lovely children, they hope happy.

  You share rose get fun。 Advocate Dejian group of love donation, always adhere to the good heart to do the right thing, with a bit of good deeds to continue to affect everyone, love human friendship, let us put our love out, so that the world everywhere have a warm, caring love everywhere, regardless of size, as long as you and I action. There is a word that is not written, "as long as everyone give a little love, the world will become a better world". For this beautiful world, let us work together to pass on love.