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Angola engineering company held a love donation activities

Angola engineering company held a love donation activities

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  In January 30, 2016, BIE province Kui prop will be held once a year in the ancient town of Ruth carnival parade, because of the economic downturn, the government for Carnival activities of insufficient funds, the ancient town mayor Ruth to De Jian Angola engineering company submitted a letter to the company to apply for donation, give aid to the event. Angola engineering company received the invitation to communicate with the international division, decided on this activity to donate 100 thousand Kwanza town government held activities to help.

  The donation ceremony held in the ancient Ruth town government in the afternoon of January 27, 2016, donated in Angola engineering company representatives said: because the company is in a difficult period, the donation amount is not much, but they represent virtuarch sincerity, virtuarch will always do our best to help the local government and the people, rooted in the German built here will benefit here people and local people with a common fate, and sincerely hope that the ancient town of Ruth Carnival held and ended. The ancient town mayor Ruth said: "thank you very much for virtuarch donations, De Jian is God arrangement to Angola love angel, help us to build better homes, help our people are our good friends, we are family".

  After the ceremony, the mayor Ruth holding company on behalf of the hand has been reluctant to put down, watching the people full of gratitude to the eyes, the management of the company and has to meet the heart is sad, I really hope that Angola domestic rapid economic improvement, people live a happy life.