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  Water is the source of life, when we have a high quality of life at the same time in some corner of the world there are some people are lack of distress, since Angola entered the dry season in this place are not under the rain, the city and where we have not household water supply network, there are some economic basis. The family own wells solve their water problems, in a place where the gap between the rich and the poor and serious privatisation ideas, for those who live in the bottom of society the poor people in this season the water becomes their eyes of luxury, water a few months I never felt at home, occasionally stop a few days of water will let me feel the life pitch-dark, into this season, often in the alley to see some of the children first face covered with dust, looked at them with a small The cat face playing ball in the street, sometimes with rolled up sleeves to wipe the sweat on the face, seems to be accustomed to such a life.

  There are a lot of households before and after our base, the family does not have the ability to drill a lot, considering these, we received a base outside the walls of a faucet, for water supply for residents near the base, the time of water supply and water supply base for time synchronization, now more and more villagers over water, but due to the limitation of the time and place of the love can help the villagers to water or very few, but we hope that it can lead to other business and personal local action.

  Day by day, living in the hope that the villagers living conditions change quickly, less and less water to the villagers.