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Catching up with Project Progress, Making up Company Reputation International Park Project, Sudan - Documentary

Catching up with Project Progress, Making up Company Reputation International Park Project, Sudan - Documentary

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    The Sudan International Park Project constructed by Dejian International Company Sudan Branch is located in Khartoum, Sudan.This project has a construction area of about 20,000m2with the ownership of National Intelligence Security & Service, Sudan. It is divided into two parts: Office Building(seven floors) and Service Building(five floors).

    Since commencement of the project, its time schedule is reasonable and in proper order and its sequence of work is tightly arranged. Under the lead of Construction Manager, all of us work together to proceedon the project according to expected progress, attempting to meet the Owner's requirements on project hand-over. In mid of August, our company was informed by the Owner that the project has to be handed over by end of November which is ahead of the previous hand-over date. Upon receipt of this notice, the company immediatelyhold a construction meeting to make up a time schedule and fully launch the project remaining work in order to satisfy the Employer. In the situation of construction personnel shortage, our company deployed some peoplefor the works of International Park Project. Meanwhile, people are assigned to different responsibilities in terms of different works and areas. Safety construction was highlighted as well. Since construction tasks were committed, all staffs of International Park Project are contributable to catching up the project time schedule.

    Recently, a big volume of concrete casting at project roof floor is under progress with construction machinery and people working day and night. We strictly strive to our work assignments instead of taking breaks. People are in good coordination and cooperation with each other to assurethe quality, safety and progress. To make sure that the project will be completed in accordance with the completion plan, high standards and high quality.