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Dejian International Carry OutPatriotic Theme Education Activitiesof “Retake the Revolutionary Road and Keep Advanced Nature Forever”

Dejian International Carry OutPatriotic Theme Education Activitiesof “Retake the Revolutionary Road and Keep Advanced Nature Forever”

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“When it rains at night, birds are late in the day.”

In this hot summer, we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 98th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China. And in order to stimulate the vitality of management personnel, accept the education of patriotism and revolutionary tradition, study the glorious history of the party, work with a strong sense of political responsibility and historical mission, and push all the work to a new level,a total of 15 managements and party members of Dejian International went to Taierzhuang on June 30 to carry out the PatriotismEducation Activity which the theme is “red tour”.

In Taierzhuang, where the Chinese people feel proud of, the middle and above management and party membersof DejianInternational first held a mourning in front of the monument of the unknowns and send flower baskets.“I volunteer to join the communist party of China, support the party’s program, abide by the constitution of the party, and fulfill its obligations as a member...”Reviewing the oath of joining the party, every word is strong and showed patriotism.

Later, a group of people in the guide of the commentator, visited theTaierzhuang Anti-Japanese War memorial.The TaierzhuangWar was another great victory of the Chinese army after the great victory of Battle of Pingxingguan in the early stage of the Anti-Japanese War, and the brilliant cooperation of the second times between the Kuomintang (KMT) and the Communist Party.The 38 steps in front of the hall meant the 1938 China-JapanTaierzhuangWar, which shocked the whole world; theTwenty-four main column support the white ceiling, symbolizing the Chinese willkeep the indomitable spirit forever and stand in the forest of the world.The whole memorial hall has exhibition hall, calligraphy and paintings gallery, the film and television pavilion, full view painting museum, and we were put in and imposing and solemn atmosphere.Once there,every picture of compatriots killed, every heroic eventof heroes, it seems to take us back to the war days.In the spring of 1938, the Japanese army made a big intrusion, 100,000 patriotic soldiers and the public fought with the Japanese army in a bloody battle with a bravely heart, and achieved the Taierzhuang victory, which shocked China and foreign countries. From then on, Taierzhuang attracted worldwide attention.In the museum, precious video materials taken by foreign war correspondents were played repeatedly, making people all moved.These 10 minutes not only tell the pain of history, but also inspire our high patriotic feelings, let us cherish the hard-won happy life today, give us the power to continue to rise.

Next, we visited the “canal culture” and “war culture”, The Taierzhuang ancient city, which combines the “Qilu Pride”and “Jiangnan Charm” into one domain.Standing in front of the ruins of the ancient city, recalling the past, memory of the martyrs, The strong man has gone, the vast gas will last forever! Nowadays,Taierzhuang is full of modern prosperity.The straight asphalt road, the speeding car, the endless ancient canal, and the melodious whistle make a unique township scenery ofJiangbei.With the completion of the ancient city visit, the red tour of Taierzhuang also drew to a successful end.

Although the trip ofTaierzhuang was short, it brought us a great shock in thought.Here, we not only review the hardships and cruelty of the Anti-Japanese War revolution, accept our spirit of baptism on Anti-Japanese War, but also make all the participants in the activities further deeply understand the great significance of the war of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression to the development of the Chinese Nation, and deeply feel that it is hard to come by today’s happy life.We should under the leadership of the party committee of the group, carry forward the spirit of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in which the revolutionary martyrs persevered, were courageous and were not afraid of sacrifice.In our ordinary posts, put ourselves in cautious and conscientious attitude,Contribute our life’s strength to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

Dejian International/ Wang Qian