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Breaking News! Dejian Group Was awarded once again the AAA Grade Credit rating of International Contracting Enterprise

Breaking News! Dejian Group Was awarded once again the AAA Grade Credit rating of International Contracting Enterprise

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Recently, China International Contractors Association announced the results of credit rating evaluation of international contracting companies in 2019 and Dejian Group once again won the AAA Grade credit rating. The credit rating certificate was jointly issued by the China International Contractors Association (hereinafter referred to as the Chamber of Commerce) and the China Export&Credit Insurance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SINOSURE). It mainly examines the comprehensive quality, competitiveness, financial status, credit history, and project implementation of the enterprise etc. which is an important proof of the comprehensive ability of the company's overseas business.

As the first batch of local enterprises in Shandong Province to implement the ‘going global’ strategy, Dejian Group has actively explored overseas markets over the years and earnestly fulfilled its social responsibilities. It has achieved the highest rating of ‘AAA Credit Rating ofChina International Contractors Association’ for two consecutive years.
The credit rating evaluation ofChina International Contractors Association is a professional credit rating evaluation recognized by the National Commerce Department. The credit rating obtained by the company has been highly concerned and recognized by government departments, domestic and foreign industrial institutions, financial institutions and related companies. Excellent-level companies can enjoy more opportunities in participating in industry business coordination, project recommendation, and seeking financial institution support. It is a strong guarantee to promote the company's international industry competitiveness and creditworthiness, and help improve the company's ability to resist risks and gain more business opportunities.

Dejian Group's re-acquisition of AAA Grade credit rating is an important recognition and incentive for our international contracting business and it is also a credit card for our company as a Chinese engineering contractor to conduct business abroad.