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Staff Elegant Demeanor -Shandong Dejian International Arranged Management Staff Blood Donation

Staff Elegant Demeanor -Shandong Dejian International Arranged Management Staff Blood Donation

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In this grass-growing and hopeful spring season, at the approach of the 101st anniversary of the May 4th Movement, Dejian International issued an initiative to inherit the spirit of the May 4th Movement and contribute to the fight against the epidemic. Domestic managers and staff on vacation are called on to actively participate in unpaid blood donation activities. Following the initiative, everyone enthusiastically signed up and used practical actions to help local public welfare undertakings and assume corporate social responsibility.

Early in the morning, employees who participated in blood donation activities lined up in front of Baosong Wine Industry, and nearly 30 employees working in China were waiting and busy at the scene before the arrival of the blood donation car.

Under the guidance of the NGO staff, they conscientiously filled in the blood donation registration form, attended blood tests, and donated blood to the blood station after passing the test. the whole process was operating orderly. Some of them donated blood for the first time, and some have been already "veterans" who donate blood, but this does not affect everyone's determination to contribute their love to society. The warriors who successfully donated blood proudly rolled up their sleeves and conveyed the power of love to everyone.

A total of 29 employees of Dejian International actively participated in this unpaid blood donation activity. In the end, 21 people successfully donated blood, and each blood donor received a love gift package carefully prepared by the company.

At the end of the activity, the Dezhou Central Blood Station issued a plaque and a "certificate of thanks" to our company, and took a group photo together as a souvenir.

Through this blood donation activity, it has further stimulated the broad masses of employees' sense of social responsibility and demonstrated the original mission and social responsibility of Dejian International.


Here, we propose: affected by the epidemic, the current blood collection volume cannot meet the clinical blood needs which are in urgent need of your help. All caring people can make an appointment for the time and place of blood donation through the official account of "Shandong Blood donation" WeChat Subscription, so that we can contribute to the fight against the epidemic and protect our health.



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