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Staff style︱the pioneers of anti-epidemic play a significant role when the epidemic situation arrives-Tribute to Dejian International Overseas Anti-epidemic Pioneer Series (No.3)

Staff style︱the pioneers of anti-epidemic play a significant role when the epidemic situation arrives-Tribute to Dejian International Overseas Anti-epidemic Pioneer Series (No.3)

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2020 is destined to be a special year,
After the victory of the domestic anti-epidemic“campaign”,
Before the joy came, the epidemic began a global outbreak,
This poses huge physical and mental challenges for Dejian International's overseas construction personnel.

In this unexpected anti-epidemic“campaign”,
Dejian International's overseas construction personnelare still standing on the front line.
Write a story of anti-epidemic with perseverance,
Share chapter of the times with responsibility.

Mr. Wang Wei---Have the courage to take responsibility, and vow to be a pioneer in anti-epidemic

Wang Wei, was born in July 1985 , has been working in Sudan for more than six years and is currently as the manager of the materials department of Sudan Engineering Company. When he first went to Sudan , language was a big obstacle. In order to work smoothly,  Wang Wei used the rest time to study Arabic hard , and now he can communicate with locals proficiently and smoothly .

As the Sudan’ s epidemic situation intensified, Sudan took measures to shut down the construction and business at Yusuf, the Nile, Ojali and the No.60 Street. In order to ensure the safety of the company's property,Wang Wei actively responded to the company' s deployment, contacting and organizing personnel and vehicles to withdraw the materials at above sites intact.Besides, with the full commencement of the production activities on the site of the milling plant, the demand for materials and machinery is urgent. However, Sudan was facing a diesel shortage , and it was extremely difficult to find large long-distance transportation vehicles.

At a critical juncture, on the one hand ,Wang Wei volunteered to try his best to contact the diesel suppliers and transportation vehicles. On the other hand, he prepared necessary materials and goods against time . He truly achieved the priority of the company and the collective interests, and effectively protected the company's interests from infringement.

In addition to Wang Wei, the warriors who are actively fighting onthe front line in Sudan's anti-epidemic campaign include Cui Hongguo and Gu Wengang, who are responsible for the procurement of epidemic prevention materials.  They dedicate themselves actively, ignoring gains and losses, and led everyone to "make a concerted effort to overcome difficulties together" and played an active role as a model leader. 

Mr. Gu Hengchao---Think ahead, go ahead and do ahead, as a leader in Anti-epidemic

\Gu Hengchao , male , was born in April 1990 . He was assigned to work in Tanzania in October 2014 and is currently a material officer in the Tanzanian branch. Before the outbreak of COVID-19 in Tanzania ,  he checked with his colleagues one by one , and calculated the list of anti-epidemic materials and necessities for the base in the future .

He not only paid attention to the WHO's daily outbreak report, but also paid attention to the latest progress of the outbreak through various channels, such as local broadcasting. Before the outbreak, he contacted and coordinated to store enough protective materials, such as masks, disinfectant, and water-free hand sanitizer. In order to ensure the safety of the base,Gu Hengchao first inspected the surrounding walls and trenches of the base, and excavated and repaired it in time to upgrade the protection level.At the same time, additional security is provided to improve safety and security, and insist on patrolling the base every day to promptly check and upgrade the hidden safety hazards in the base, which greatly improves the safety of the camp.  While doing these tasks well, he also paid attention to the anti-epidemic measures at the base to reduce the possibility of personnel infection. In order to reduce the mobility of local employees,  temporary accommodations were arranged outside the living area. When the managers went out, he gave out the necessary masks and asked them to wear correctly,  which greatly reduced the potential risks .

Think ahead, go ahead, do ahead! This is the true portrayal of Comrade Gu Hengchao in front of the anti-epidemic, and it is precisely the attitude that Dejian staffs should have when facing the epidemic!


In this anti-epidemic “ campaign ”,
They stick to their posts ,
Silently dedicate ,
Without complaint ,

They are like warriors ,

Guarding everyone's lifeline of supplies ,
To build a great steel wall for epidemic prevention and control ,
Let us once again pay tribute to this group of lovely colleagues !