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A Cake DIY Parent-child Activity Held on Children’s Day

A Cake DIY Parent-child Activity Held on Children’s Day

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June 1, or Children’s Day , is a festival full of memory and happiness , which is expected the most by children . To let the employees and their children spend a memorable and meaningful "June 1” , the DEJIAN International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co.,  Ltd held a cake DIY parent-child activity in the bakery located at the third floor of the Xinhua Bookstore on May 30 , 2020 .

Under the instruction of the baker , the children, their parents and grandparents tried their best and cooperated closely to make their own cake. The children’s happy smiles and the parents’ concentrated expressions looked so harmonious , showing their love to each other . While the children were smearing the cake with cream, placing flowers, biscuits and other decorations carefully , their parents were helping them from time to time , with big smiles on face. The sweet cream flavor and strong breath of life influenced everyone on site. After over an hour of efforts , all families made their own cakes by themselves .

Parents and children work together, laugh together, and pack a happy taste together. After nearly an hour of hand-made, all the families participating in this event DIY DIY small cakes that belong to their own family.

When they were enjoying the happiness from their work, a pretty Snow White sent her blessing for the children and gifts from the Company - Book Vouchers, “the key to wisdom”, wishing the children read more books and become better.

The beautiful parent-child time was short, but the memory would last long. With the cake, Snow White, gift and blessing, the DEJIAN International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd wishes all the children cherish their golden childhood and the warm time with their families and grow healthily.



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